Wheezing When Doing Russian Twists – Know The Reason!

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Nothing can be scarier than making a wheezing sound while doing Russian twists!

Undoubtedly, the Russian twist helps build the core and shoulders. It plays a significant role in brushing up the rotational movement, which is imperative in sports.

Yet, what’s scary is when the wheezing sound is heard by the doer. Well, there can be reasons for this wheezing sound while twisting. 

So, why are some people wheezing when doing Russian twists?

Russian twisting and other exercises cause compression in the lung, causing a slight wheezing sound. As soon as you adjust yourselves to intense exercise, the wheezing sound seems to disappear. But if the sound continues to come out, this indicates some health issues. Treatment is mandatory.

Now, is it okay to wheeze while doing Russian twists? However, whether doing Russian twists will be harmful or not adds to the dilemma. 

The causes of wheezing, precautions while doing Russian twists, and other issues are discussed here elaborately. This will hopefully help you to know about gasping while doing Russian twists.  

So let’s get started! 

Why Do People Keep Wheezing When Doing Russian Twists?

Russian Twists

The wheezing sound appears due to the air emerging from the lungs or stomach while twisting.

As you already know, Russian twists help get a flat belly and abs. It’s a simple move but efficiently helps in targeting muscle groups. The Russian twist is simple, but people often find it risky. This happens after they encounter a wheezing sound while twisting. 

An obvious statement exercise itself is challenging. Added to that, without gasping the way through your workout time. People may sometimes hear the wheezing sound while twisting. That’s because of the air emerging from the lungs or stomach due to stretching.

But you should immediately see a doctor if this happens regularly. Because breathing difficulty may hint at a wide range of health conditions. 

However, slowly if you get habituated to more intense workouts, your wheezing sound will disappear. Only if you don’t have any chronic disease.

You may also have queries about wheezing when planking. Well, to add to your concern, yes, you’ll wheeze while planking as well.

Here you find the similarity of wheezing between Russian twist and planking. This wheezing during exercise is caused due to exercise-induced asthma. Specifically, due to strenuous exercise, the lungs get triggered, and the airways of the lungs narrow.

But this doesn’t indicate that people with asthma or breathing issues only face this problem. Anyone doing Russian twists may encounter wheezing for the air emerging from the lungs and stomach.  

Subsequently, while doing the Russian twist and planking, people face shortness of breath alongside wheezing. Sometimes coughing may take place. 

Is It Okay Wheezing While Twisting?

Seldom it’s okay to wheeze while twisting. But if this wheezing continues to come out regularly, consulting a doctor is imperative. Because this calls for an emergency. It’s an indication of chronic disease. 

However, twisting leads to rotational muscle movements. Consult your doctor before doing Russian twists if you have any health issues. Because health issues like asthma, cough, and heart problems cause extreme wheezing sounds while twisting.  

The same thing goes with barbell Russian twist muscles worked. Russian twists with a barbell don’t create any difference in wheezing sound. After an intense workout for a longer time, you’re probably sick if a wheezing sound appears.  

How Long Should You Do Russian Twists?

Apparently, 1 minute to hold up the position for Russian twists. Within one minute, you can give 12 to 15 twists. Then upgrade to 3 or 4 sets.  

Above all, your level of fitness will decide your duration of doing twists. If you’re advanced, 3-5 sets of 20 reps within 1 minute could be your thing.

Nevertheless, everyone should start less. In the beginning, giving all your strength may cause long-term muscle problems. The wheezing sound is no exception here.

How Do You Breathe When Doing Russian Twists?

Steadily and deeply. While you exhale with single twists, you inhale and return to the center. It may sound typical, but breathing while twisting will be difficult at the beginners’ level. 

How can we learn to breathe easier in twists? Here’s a bit of a paradox. It’s on how regularly you twist and control your breathing. 

Twisting stretches the intercostal muscles, allowing them to provide more space between the ribs when breathing. So, you need to live in twists to breathe more comfortably.

Twisting helps lengthen the tight intercostal muscles through stretching. Adding some slight pressure from the breathing in twists will stretch them further with time. The more you can relax while breathing, the more effective your intercostal stretch will be. 

Again, the more room they can generate between the ribs over time, the better. More room for air implies more space between the ribs. 

Finally, it offers a sense of relaxation when breathing in twists.

Is Russian Twist Harmful?

Is Russian Twist Harmful

No, the Russian twist is not harmful to maximum people. Instead, it’s safer and easier to perform. Russian twists work on toning the core, shoulders, and hip. It’s a midsection exercise that helps burn fat and grow abs, adding some weight during exercise.

But there are some restrictions for specific people to avoid this exercise. Pregnant women are highly discouraged by this exercise. Midsection exercise may cause miscarriage.

Varieties are introduced to Russian twists and upgrade the challenges. This is to make it to the athletes’ level. Athletes are observed doing Russian twists because this helps increase attention to speedily changing direction. You may take rest for 2 days when bodybuilding. 

Not to forget, Russian twists aren’t harmful at all, somewhat helpful for increasing movements. It makes you more flexible. It is more popular with people because it doesn’t need any equipment. Using weights is a personal choice.

Should Russian Twists Be Slow Or Fast?

Russian twists should be slow to see the outcome. This basic rule goes for all kinds of muscle-strengthening exercises.

While twisting, there’re many twists and turns that cause muscle contraction. In order to keep the pace, or to make it slow, you can use dumbbells. 

Dumbbells help enhance physical effort as the excessive weight will slow you down. Depending on your capability and comfort, you can use heavier dumbbells or kettlebells. Starting with a 2.5-kilo plate is standard. Make sure you can finish the set to get the proper result. 

Precautions You Should Take While Doing Russian Twists

Generally, the Russian twist is a famous exercise that helps burn fat and gain abs. It is safe for people without any chronic diseases. As this may lead to a wheezing sound while twisting. 

To avoid any severe damage, you should consider taking some precautions. These may include-

  • Avoid Russian twists during pregnancy.
  • Consult your doctor about health issues before starting. 
  • Consult a doctor if a wheezing sound regularly emerges during twisting.
  • Start slowly; continue slowly because this helps you notice the outcome.
  • If you’ve shoulder, low back, or neck issues, start twisting by taking proper caution.

Well, always following the precautions may not be possible for specific reasons. But following these precautions are imperative to avoid any chronic or deadly situation. 

You can try some great products for a flat belly and weight loss when doing Russian twists. 

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Taking these products can greatly benefit you during your workout session.


Will Russian twists give you abs?

Yes, a Russian twist will give you abs. The Russian twist is a midsection exercise that helps build all the core muscles. It helps grow abs when done with extra weight like dumbbells or muscles worked. A total of 3 sets of 30-50 reps every day would help you gain abs.

Why you shouldn’t do Russian twists?

Russian twists place a lot of compression and flexion on the spinal disc and lumbar spine. It affects the movement of disc fluid too. This is an abdominal exercise that depends a lot on the lower back. So, if you have low-back pain issues, ask your doctor before taking any step.

Are Russian twists good for hourglass figure?

Yes, the Russian twist is good for hourglass figures. Russian twists modify the fitness level differently. As it is a midsection exercise, russian twists burn out fat. Rotational movements help gain the curve. Not to mention, Russian twists focus on oblique muscles, the upper and lower abdominals.


Now you know about the causes for wheezing when doing russian twists. Russian twists have a lot of compression and flexion on the lungs and stomach. This leads to air being forced out by narrow airways.

Compression, pressure on the lower back, and rotational movements are dangerous to people with chronic diseases. Therefore, precautions must be taken before and when a wheezing sound appears.

Nevertheless, the Russian twist is an easily doable exercise for people. Avoiding the wheezing sound is possible once you get adjusted to doing intense exercise. 

Well, this is all from my side. Let me know if this article was insightful for you. You can leave a comment here. Happy jamming!

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