What is Recovery Formula Insanity: [Mystery Solved]

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There are different workout programs available around the world. And many body building enthusiasts try to follow them.

With these workout programs, comes various health drinks, known as recovery formulas.

So, one might be wondering what is recovery formula insanity?

Recovery formula is a health drink. Shaun T usually suggests having it after doing his insanity workout programs. The recovery formula contains carbohydrates and protein. It helps in protein synthesis and breakdown. It also helps in restoring glycogen levels. This gives energy.

Well, this was just an overview. In our article, we’ll go into more details.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig right in!

What is Recovery Formula

Anxiety can be an obstacle to productive work. Recovery formula is an anxiety management firm working with a view to helping people with anxiety. They are focused on creating people with a happy, healthy and productive mind.

After a long workout, muscles and tissues tear and wear off. Muscles of arm and leg can go numb. This is the time you need to recover your loss .

Your body needs rest and the muscle needs recovery. This also should be supported by proper nutrition intake. There are some things to do to add up the right calories to the suggested nutrients intake

Recovery formula helps to regain the injury of muscles, develop form, increase strength and stamina. The process that is followed is rest, recover and repeat.  

Recovery Formula Insanity

After extreme workout recovery formula is a must. Body needs to regain its strength after Insanity.  People have different recovery formulas according to their needs.

Two types of food nutrients play a major role in both cases. One is carbohydrates and the other is protein. Carbohydrates produce energy and heat in the body, which is very essential before workout.

On the other hand, protein recovers muscle damages. During extreme workout there happens small tears in the muscles. The recovery of these muscles is very important.  Recovery formula is made keeping these things in mind. 

After insanity a huge amount of protein is required in the body. This for the fixation of the damages of muscles caused due to the workout. The right protein comes from sauce, chicken and rice to achieve best results. 

Specific ratio of Carbohydrate and protein is maintained in the recovery formula. 

Chemical Composition of Recovery Formula

There are different  chemical compositions for the recovery formula but their basic mechanism is the same. The most common  combination consists of Glutamine, BCAA and ZMA.The mean target is enhancement in post workout recovery. 

A lot of bodybuilders choose the Optimum Nutrition gold standard as their daily recovery formula. The Optimum Nutrition gold standard comes with  a lot of flavors and it is relatively inexpensive. It is recommended by the users of recovery fitness to mix rich chocolate milk with some unsweetened almond milk to get the best result.

Recovery Formula & Anxiety Reduction

Accepting the state of anxiety may also help to reduce it. It helps to recover quickly. But this procedure does not work on everybody. People should understand that there are good days and bad days. 

But when anxiety crosses the normal level, suffering people are prescribed a recovery formula. It helps to relieve stress, and reduce anxiety. 

But it also comes with some side effects, for example taking a recovery formula for anxiety reduction can cause weight gain.Recovery formula and P90X

Though most recovery formulas have similar ingredients, P90X Is said to be very effective.  It is known to make the transition easier.

Post Workout Drinks

Below we mention few post workout drinks which act as natural recovery formulas:

  • After a long workout session water is a very good drink to hydrate your body and relieve the muscles. It can reduce tiredness and have the body to regain its strength.
  • Though chocolate milk is thought to be a children’s drink, it’s actually a very good recovery formula. 
  • The protein and carbs ratio maintained in the chocolate milk is the same as that of the recovery formula. Drinking chocolate milk after a workout can help to regain strength.
  • Fruit juice contains a lot of calories and natural fibers. It is a very good post workout drink. Along with fruit juice, fruit smoothies, vegetable juice also can be taken.
  • Coconut water is multinucleated which is a natural booster for cytokinesis hormone. This hormone helps in rapid cell divisions. 

The foods eaten before the workout gives the necessary energy for the workout. Also, these post workout foods help to regain the lost energy. Moreover, it even works at rehydrating the body and doing muscle repair. Lastly, it’ll provide a great impact on the next workout.

During running or other forms of exercise glycogen burns for the first 30 to 60 minutes.  This loss of the body should be fulfilled very quickly. It’s important to have immediate glucose to recover your body and prepare for the next workout.

When a cycle of workout is finished the muscle is ready for absorbing carbohydrates.  Muscles become just like  sponges  ready to absorb glucose in the post workout meal. Again the electrolytes that are lost in the form of sweat should be refilled.

Expert’s Advice

We are discussing few suggestions from the professional below-

Post Workout Drink

A good Protein drink  can double the effect of workout by refueling your body. Post workout recovery is very important.

Rehydration, providing essential amino acids and carbohydrates,prepares the body perfectly for the next workout. It is better to use a powder based protein drink.

Workout Duration

The demand of Carbohydrate and protein created in your body due to the workout depends on the intensity of workout.  The longer you exercise the more intense it is. For a short exercise like running a 5K you will be needing a small recovery meal . But for a long run like 10 or more  miles ,a heavy recovery meal is required to bring back the  burned calories. 

Recovery Meal

The ratio of carbohydrate and protein that is required in the recovery meal is 3 to 1.  That means for every gram of protein you need to have triple the amount of carbohydrate. For 1 gram of protein you have to add 3 grams of carbohydrate in the recovery email.

The balance of carbohydrate to protein is remembered by cp3 .Meaning the ratio 3:1. Keeping record of the time is important to recovery; meals must be taken within 30 minutes  after finishing exercise.

A lot of foods can  provide the energy lost during the exercise,  but they are experts and keep chocolate milk at the top of the list.  Because in chocolate milk the ratio 3 is to 1 of Carbohydrate and protein is maintained  perfectly.

Beside the nutrient contents of the post workout meal, amount of fluid should also be kept in mind. There must be enough fluid in the food to rehydrate the body. You should not struggle with hunger after Insanity.

Experts suggest various foods as post workout meals which have the carb and protein ratio in 3 is to 1 form.  For example sweet potatoes with butter walnut and raisins can be a very good post workout meal. 

Along with that eggs, beans, bananas, Greek yogurt, vegetables and smoothies with fruits are also very good post workout meals.

Useful Alternatives

Recovery formulas are widely used as post workout drinks. They help a lot with muscle soreness.  Recovery drinks available in the food stores are almost the same .They have the same protein carb: ratio.  A very simple version of recovery formula can be chocolate milk, fruit juice, fruit smoothies, coconut water, green tea, etc .

OG  is a very good recommendation.  Professionals also suggest Max30. The following have a very good  result and make exercise very simple.


What are the activities that should be done after Insanity?

Intense workout should not be started suddenly. You should start at a slow space with different forms of training with the easiest one of running and swimming. At first go with the 3 to 4 days per week program. Increase the amount of exercise gradually. 

How often should I repeat Insanity?

You can switch from regular exercise to insanity as per your  will.  But the regularity should be maintained and it’s important not to exhaust your body .You can complete a 60 day workout program with a recovery break. The recovery break should be at least a week or two.

Is doing insanity everyday bad for health?

Insanity is actually a 60 Day program.  It requires a six days workout every week with the recovery break. You can do the everyday workout from 20 to 60 minutes at a time.


That’s it for today guys. We hope you know what is recovery formula insanity now. Remember to take advice from your trainer before taking any step.

If you have any further queries, let us know in the comment section. Good luck!

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