4 Reasons Why Optimum Nutrition Creatine Not Dissolving!

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Written By Philethia Thomas

Just before your workout have you ever noticed your creatine floating on your bottle? And it’s not dissolving no matter what. 

Yes, I know how can be the situation. That is the main problem with creatine monohydrates. Sometimes, it gets solid and doesn’t dissolve in a glass or bottle. 

 Then what can be the reason for optimum Nutrition Creatine not dissolving?

Well, if you don’t add enough hot or warm water, it might happen. This also can occur because of poor quality creatine. What you’re experiencing is very common because monohydrate has very low water solubility. While drinking creatine, make sure that it’s completely dissolved in your liquid.

Are they the only reasons why it’s not dissolving? What to do next if it’s not dissolving?

I’ll now answer all of your questions in the next segments. So, get started right away!

4 Reasons Why Creatine Not Dissolving

Both capsules and powder forms of optimal nutrition creatine are available on the market. Creatine has a great impact on the energy supply to muscle cells both during and after exercise. If you are an athlete, you should know the actual benefits of it. 

But the problem arises when you found your drinks not dissolving. Right after that, you got confused about that if it is safe to consume. To your knowledge, no research has been found that claims creatine will be less effective. If it does not dissolve completely.

Right before all the other consequences. Let’s find the reasons why is optimum nutrition creatine not dissolving. And also their solutions.

Reason 1: If Your Liquid Is Not Well Tempered

Did you ever try to mix creatine with ice-cold water? Instead of dissolving, it just settles to the bottom or floats around in your bottle.

Then, there’s one important thing that you need to care about your consuming liquid’s temperature. As creatine has poor solubility in the water. If you’re trying to mix creatine in cold water. It will create difficulties for you to dissolve.

Creatine takes water from its surroundings. So, it must always be dissolved completely in liquids before consumption. The majority of the time, the powder does not dissolve in cold water when making a drink.

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Creatine’s solubility will increase when it is dissolved in warm water. So, mix your optimum nutrition creatine with some warm or hot liquids. And Shake or stir for a while until it’s resolved with your drink. 

Creatine also can easily dissolve at room temperature liquids. 

Reason 2: If You’re Not Using Required Liquid

Because of the substance’s inherent tendency to dissolve, creatine requires the proper quantity of liquids. That you’re going to take as your pre or after-workout drink.

Most of the time, people don’t add the right amount of liquids with their creatine. Usually, poorly digested creatine causes the stomach to become hydrated. It leads to conditions like stomach pains and bloating.


Is it better to take creatine with water or juice? What is the best way to take creatine?

The answer is yes. you can add creatine with any drink of your choice. You can mix with juice, tea, or milk as well but exclude mixing with sparkling water. To fully dissolve creatine, however, you need to use the right amount of liquid. 

Remember that for every 5 grams of creatine, you need 1 cup of fluids. You need to follow this method whether you are training or not. Then give it a good mix or shake until it’s dissolved. 

For the powder to dissolve completely when adding creatine to your drink. It needs to be stirred for at least 30 seconds. It could take up to 10 seconds if you’re using a shaker cup to dissolve entirely. 

Reason 3: If You’re Not Using Good Quality Creatine 

The cheap supplement can be sold in the market or nearby stores. Because of its easy availability. These third-party certified creatine supplements are poor in quality. It’s very normal to discover that it’s not dissolving in your drink.


Next, make sure the product has a reliable brand name package label and manufacturer name. So that it will supply high-quality creatine to boost your energy and mussels.

Good Quality Creatine

Reason 4: If It’s expired

What if you don’t experience any of the issues I’ve already mentioned?

Then you should check if creatine is expired. Verify the expiration date on the packaging for your creatine. Additionally, check to see whether your creatine has a life span. If it reached the duration of consumption, then you should avoid this. 

It can cause stomach upset, vomiting, nauseous feeling, etc. If your reaction worsens after taking creatine, stop taking it. Consult a physician right away.


Dietary supplements like creatine’s expiration dates are quite cautious to guarantee. It’s crucial to make sure you’re getting high-quality products.

Estimate how long it will take to consume the entire package of creatine. Every time you go to the store, check the expiration date before buying anything.

Supplemental creatine monohydrate should keep working for at least one to two years. even after the date of expiration if you store them in a dry, cool environment.

Side Effects 

To improve muscles, creatine is one of the most consuming supplements among athletes. But is optimum creatine safe? Does it matter if creatine is not dissolved

Because you just cannot afford to take any risks with your health, right? Believe me, we have all experienced the same thing.

Most likely the most trustworthy and effective sports supplement is creatine monohydrate. For athletes, it’s a wonderful dietary supplement because it increases muscular mass, strength, and power. No evidence exists to support the claim that taking not completely dissolved creatine has negative impacts.

However, some people claim that creatine has some sort of side effects. It causes health issues in their body. Here are some side effects that can be possible 

  1. During the early weeks of the loading period, it may result in momentary water retention.
  1. Some people claim that creatine can lead to compartment syndrome. A disorder that happens when too much pressure accumulates in an enclosed space. Like within the arm or leg muscles.
  1. Numerous disorders, such as Parkinson’s and depression, are being examined in relation to creatine consumption.
  1. Reduce blood sugar levels, which could harm people with diabetes or hypoglycemia.
  1. For people who already have hypertension, it increases blood pressure.

After all, it can effects individuals differently. Because some people found out that creatine isn’t responding to their bodies. 

You are planning to start a strength plateau. But what if it is not working on your body?

If your training volume won’t change after taking creatine for a week. Then the powder won’t help you because you are likely a non-responder in such cases.

But, that’s not all that need to know when you’re consuming creatine. I’d like to share some facts with you that I think you’ll find useful. 

Facts Regarding Creatine

Creatine is the best supplement for improving athletic performance. But there are some information you should be aware of before using creatine.

Here are some important points regarding creatine. 

  • Creatine is used by athletes as a supplement during intense training. 
  • Body mass could rise as a result.
  • Creatine may be helpful for those with muscular dystrophy so it stimulates muscle growth.
  • Some data indicate that creatine can improve memory.
  • Creatine seems to be safe at moderate dosages, but long-term safety is unknown.
  • If you’re taking creatine but not gaining weight right away, you might be drinking insufficient water.
  • If you’re under 18 years old, stay away from creatine.
  • In those over 60, creatine is less helpful at boosting strength or developing muscle.
  • Creatine isn’t recommended for pregnant women.
  • If your baby is being breastfed, avoid using this product.
  • while mixing warm water and creatine in a shaker. When opening the lid, exercise caution. The pressure could build and cause it to splash out of your bottle. 


Is it OK if my creatine is clumpy?

Yes. Considering its nutritional properties, it won’t make any impact. It happens when creatine absorbed extra moisture from the air and it started being clumpy. You should make sure that your airtight container lid is tight enough. Simply shake your bottle to dislodge the clumps. Or use a butter knife to grind them.

What does expired creatine look like?

Expired creatine looks as same as regular creatine. You may find your creatine clumpy sometimes. But it’s not because of the expiry date it happens due to absorbing moisture. It also does not lose its taste either. If you feel sick after consuming creatine, it is recommended not to use it.  

Does creatine make you taller?

Yes, if you consume 0.1 g per day, it increases height by 0.60 cm (simple model) or 0.30 cm (adjusted model). Compared to their shorter peers aged 2–19 years. Taller children and teens consumed more creatine every day.

What age is OK for creatine?

Children aged 5-18 have taken 3-5 grams of creatine safely every day for 2-6 months. Children between the ages of 2-5 have safely consumed 2gm creatine every day for 6 months. However, before using dietary supplements like optimum nutrition creatine, you should seek medical advice.

Wrap up! 

So, have you figured out why your optimum nutrition creatine not dissolving

I have covered everything that why and what can be happened if you got the situation. I’m hoping this may be helpful if you ever find yourself in a similar circumstance again. Now you better what you have to do first.

Till then stay safe and healthy!

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