Is Benching 315 Impressive: 5 Factors to Know!

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Bench pressing is one of the best exercises for building massive upper-body muscles. Strength training is critical to the growth and development of bench press muscles. Additionally, those require a steady increase in weight lifted.

So, is benching 315 impressive?

It all depends on weight class, gender, and age. Depending on the person’s weight, this is outstanding for someone under 160 lbs. Any woman who can bench 200 pounds or more is likely to be a contender. Local contests may be more competitive for men competing in the raw under 220 and benching 315+.

That was just a sneak peek at which one is preferable. We’ll have to go a little deeper to get a clearer picture. 

So, without further ado, here we go with the in-depth discussion.

Is Benching 315 Impressive or Not?

Benching 315 means one can lift 315 pounds dumbbells at a time. It all depends on who you’re talking about and what type of fitness group you belong to. 

A 315-pound bench by any person is sure to catch curiosity at a typical commercial gym. There may be a few people training at your regular 24 Hour Fitness. Also, they can hurl three plates around with comfort.

Only 1% of the population can bench 315. The weight class, gender, and age of a lifter are essential considerations. They’re essential in the activity of powerlifting. Competitors are usually expected to be able to bench press around the mid-200s for female athletes. 

For the most part, males compete raw and benching over 315 pounds. It’s more likely to succeed in regional competitions. 220 and 242 pounds benching are presumably the minimal requirements for this. 

To compete, you’ll need to have the proper equipment. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re making progress. Do you know how many reps of 225 to bench 315? 12 repetitions with 225 = 315 by calculator or rule of thumb.

Bench-specific training necessitates dedication for around two years and a half. Sometimes you’ll need steroids to bench 315+. But before taking steroids know if your steroid cycle is too long or not. 

Those with shorter limbs and a more extensive body will only need to bulk up. It’s needed if they want to focus on benching. It takes longer to achieve your goals when you push yourself too hard.

How Rare Is a 315 Bench?

Many people have recently started debating this. If you take a peek at social media, 315-pound bench presses appear to be all the rage. Everyone can achieve it, many within the first six months of training.

It diminishes the value of a three-plate bench in many people’s eyes. In fact, you’ll see six plates being thrown on social media regularly lately.

Your gym choice is also essential. Is this a powerlifting gym? You don’t have to have one where the people are really into it to make a difference. Three or even four plates may be seen daily.

Despite this, after seven years of lifting, you can only experience it happen in person. Once is enough. 

This study involved approximately 3,000 people in Dozen gyms over seven years. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t bench 3 plates.

How Long Does It Take to Bench 315?

To be honest, this one is a little more difficult to answer. Many people never bench 315 pounds, even after years of training. This is a significant factor.

Because of this, there are several causes. Such as-

  • It takes more than two or three years of dedicated instruction in most situations.
  • In the course of your journey, you may find yourself having to alter your training and programming.
  • Progress might be scuttled by aches, pains, and injuries.

You won’t get there if you don’t put in the time and effort required. You could theoretically bench 315 pounds in 5-6 months if you increased 5 pounds per week.

Honestly, that’s harder than it seems, especially after you’ve already reaped the benefits of your beginner status.

You’ll probably need to:

  • Continue gaining weight.
  • Experiment with many bench options, such as wide/close grip benches and pause benches.
  • Switch between rotating and pressing

It will be tough to reach your goal if you’re not fully committed to it. A 315-pound bench press will be a high objective for most lifters. Simply looking to get stronger and look good while doing it. But you can get there if you give it a few years. 

There are various factors on how fast you can bench 315. These factors can make your benching 315 more quickly. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these factors here-

Factor-1: Bodyweight

Bench press strength appears to be influenced mainly by one’s total body weight. Simply, it’s simpler to bench press more weight when you’re heavier.

This is true of most weightlifting exercises, but the bench press is a good example.

Many possible explanations exist, including – 

  • The more weight you put on, the more muscle you’ll have.
  • Longer measures provide for greater leverage and a more restricted range of motion.
  • Better pushing stability is provided by increased shoulder mass.

The bench press is one of the first and most painful lifts when cutting and dropping weight. 315 kg means 140 kilos. You’ll bench 315 a lot faster when you’re heavier, which is relevant in this context.

Factor-2: Bulking or Cutting

Bulking up will help you bench 315 pounds faster. Even if you’re losing weight, you acquire strength easily and swiftly. Because your body learns to recruit and utilize muscle fibers.

If you’re not eating enough to bulk, your fast gains will end. Take your time when bulking to avoid unnecessary fat gain. Also, slow, lean sizes and cutting cycles should do the trick.

For gaining muscles fastly, you can also inject Dbols into your body. But know first whether Dbol is toxic to the liver.

Here we’ve recommended a product to keep your liver healthy. Check down below-

LIVERMDThis supplement can cleanse and improve your liver health.

This technique will take longer, maybe a year or two. If you want a big bench quickly, lift heavy and eat healthily.

Factor-3: Previous Training History

If you’ve bench-pressed 315 or more before, you’ll get there faster than an untrained person. Retraining is easier and faster than growing muscles. High school or college players who haven’t lifted in years will benefit.

You’ll recover quicker. Complete beginners will take longer to bench press 225, 315, or more. Remember that when individuals say they benched 315 after 6 months. They may have had the muscle and potential but needed to reactivate it.

Factor-4: Arm length

Another hotly controversial topic is this one. Arm length is merely a very tiny determinant of bench press strength. However, it is essential.

People with longer arms have a more excellent range of motion when pushing the weight. The average male bench press kg is 98 kg (1RM).  As a result, you’ll need to put in more work, endurance, and pushing strength on hand.

Those with short arms may gain a modest advantage, as their range of motion is limited.

Although this isn’t a huge concern. It may explain some modest variances in bench strength amongst people with identical body types.

Factor-5: Programming or Routine

More benching is a must if you want to see more results! Remember that how quickly your bench strength depends on how you’ve programmed the bench press.

There are many ways to do this; none is inherently better than the others.

You could do as follows:

  • Bench-heavy once a week
  • Bench press 2-times per week
  • Perform a heavy bench press and a large number of repetitions
  • Bench press 3-times-weekly
  • Bench press your 1-rep maximum daily
  • Make sure to rotate between the two types of benches at least once a week

Any one of these methods could yield different results for you. It will take much longer to progress on the flat bench press. It happens if you don’t exercise consistently every week.

As a result, overtraining on the bench could lead to exhaustion of the chest muscles. It also can be worsed recovery, and delayed growth. Always, try to follow some tips when you want to increase your bench press. These tips will make you more concerned in further cases.


How many reps of 225 to bench 315?

Based on the Brzycki calculation, it takes 11-12 reps of 225 to bench 315. The number of representatives a person does depends on training experience, arm length, genetics, and body composition.

Does anyone naturally bench 405?

You won’t bench 225, 315, or 405 if you miss that weight weekly. You’ll need multiple sets and reps with a modest weight for this. To achieve 315 or 306, you’ll spend a lot of time benching 200 pounds.

What kind of deadlift is generally impressive?

For a man lifter, the average Deadlift weight is 336 lb (1RM). This is a pretty remarkable lift that puts you at the intermediate level of strength. Compared to the average population, a male beginner’s 1 rep max lift of 173 lbs is outstanding.


We hope this information answered your question, “Is benching 315 impressive?”. If all goes according to plan, it will take around a year of hard training. And you can reach benching 315.

There can be a slew of plausible explanations for your sluggish growth. If it takes longer, don’t give up! 

Have a good day!

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