Is 5×5 Enough Volume? Know The Right Answer!

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Rep schemes are quite popular among bodybuilders. But with so many rep schemes out there, one can get confused.

It even adds to the confusion when a certain rep scheme doesn’t seem enough.

So, it makes us ask the right question, Is 5×5 enough volume?

5×5 being enough or not depends on your intention. Whether you’re focusing on strength building or muscle building. If you are focusing on strength building, 5×5 is perfect for you. But if you want to incline on muscle building, it will help but won’t be enough.

But that is not all. You may need to consider a few more factors here. This article you provide you the ultimate guidance. 

So let’s get right into the details now!

Is 5×5 Enough Volume? Know The Right Answer!

5×5 is a very effective system for the beginners and intermediate lifters for increasing strength as it is a full body exercise.

But whether 5×5 is enough or not depends. If you’re building up strength, it’s good enough for you. But if this is not your goal, then there are some concerns.

Because then your goal must be to build up more muscles obviously. In that case, 5×5 is just not enough volume for you. 

What is 5×5?

5×5 means doing five sets of five reps with three exercises in a session. It can provide you the intensity you need. Also proper strength and size with right volume. It trains the whole body.

This system is usually done on multi-joint lifts. For example: squats, presses, barbell row etc.Try to avoid isolation work out in a 5×5 system.

If you can do five reps in all the five sets then are allowed to increase the weight by five pounds in the next training program.

All you need is to program your exercise in a proper routine with 5 compound stronglifts.

5 Benefits of 5×5

Let’s know about some benefits of 5×5 which will encourage you more.

  • Ensure strength-building to the max
  • Develop a foundation of muscle
  • Melt’s fat without cardio
  • Full body workout 3 times in a week
  • Increase your metabolism 

Why 5×5 is Enough for Strength Building?

If you are able to lift your previous weight then here is a challenge.You are challenged to add 2.5-5 pounds more the bar in every workout in the same reps.This is how 5×5 encourages you to outlift in every exercise. 

For increasing strength,more than focusing on reps,you need to choose lifts with good carryover to the task and 5×5 includes five good lifts.This is the impact of 5×5 for strength building.

Why is 5×5 Not Enough for Muscle Building?

Doing 5×5, you will get some muscles initially. After a few days, it stops building muscles. Mainly the rep-range is the main reason for not being enough for building muscles.1-6 reps is not that enough for your muscles.

6-8 rep range is good for size and muscles. If your focus is more on size and muscles then move the reps up to between 8-10.

So, don’t blame your lifting form, genetics or motivation. That is, if you are not getting enough muscles from 5×5.

Which Volume is Enough for Muscle Building?

German volume training which is also known as GVT is better for muscle building. It is also referred to as 10×10.

In GVT,you need to select one compound exercise for each muscle group.Then you perform it in 10 sets and 10 reps.Each compound exercise is focusing each muscle group.

It’s reps are more than 5×5.So,it is better for building your muscle. It is interesting to see how the science of bodybuilding are so diversified and complex.

Workouts for 5×5

As you know, the 5×5 is a program of 3 workouts using the 5×5 set and repetition for each movement.

If you follow the usual exercises for 5×5, then you will be performing five exercises which are:



3.Bench press

4.Barbell row

5.Overhead press

You can choose five barbell movements. As barbells allow the most overall weight to be lifted and it drives the greatest amount of strength.

Weekly Schedule for 5×5

You can divide the week in two sections where you will alternate the exercises. In section A you can keep squat, overhead press and deadlift. Whereas you can add bench press, barbell row with squats.

Make a routine like: if you perform workout A on Monday then workout B should be on Wednesday. On Friday you are back to workout A.

An one week training cycle looks like this:

Workout A(Monday)Workout B(Wednesday)Workout A(Friday)
Squat(5×5)Squats(5×5)squat 5×5
Overhead Press(5×5)Bench press(5×5)overhead  press 5×5
Deadlifts(5×5)Barbell row(5×5)deadlift 5×5

Warm Up Tips for 5×5 Volume

Before working on sets, do some heavier warm up session. Perform 2 sets of 5 reps while lifting an empty bar. Warm up again with another set with adding 25-45Ib weights. Now, repeat till you reach the required weight for your workout. 

Do light cardio before starting each workout. For example,brisk walking, moderate stair climbing etc.

Rest-Tips Between Each Set

It is mandatory to rest between sets. By resting your body is preparing to tackle each set. Rest time allows you to breathe deeply and increase your oxygen level.

  • Rest about 30-90 seconds in between sets when the weight is light
  • Rest about 90-180 seconds when the weight is challenging
  • Rest about 180-300 seconds when the weight is heavy.

Here are some tips for you to remember before lifting.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Lifting


Not breathing properly can cause you to lose energy. If you follow a proper breathing pattern, it is likely to ensure cardiovascular fitness. You can ensure your safety and improve your program.   

All you need to do is to take a deep inhale before each rep. Hold that breath and exhale as you complete the rep.

Correct Lifting Tempo

By tempo we understand the pace of each exercise.

You need to ensure proper movements and not slow. If your move slow, your body will be under tension. It can lead to loading yur muscles which will deplete your energy. 

To get the best outcome, ensure proper speed and acceleration in your movement. 

Common Causes of failing in 5×5:

There are some chances of your 5×5 not working.Avoiding them can be helpful for you.

  1. Too little rest between sets
  2. Not warming up properly
  3. Increasing the weight too fast
  4. Failing to recover your body and gain strength 
  5. Doing too much additional work in workouts


5×5 vs 3×10 Which is better for muscle building?

3×10 is better for muscle building.5×5 and 3×10 both work for building muscle.But,high reps helps you more in muscle building.  

How long should you do 5×5?

You should at least stick to 5×5 program for four weeks. After 4 weeks, you are likely to gain strengths and muscles. If not then stick with it another four weeks.

Is 5 sets of 15 too much for the Beginner’s?

Yes. 5 sets of 15 is too much for beginners. For beginners, it is impotant to start with lighter weights and increase gradually.  

Is doing high reps good?

Yes, doing high reps is good for your muscles. Your muscle endurance can increase with high reps.On the other hand low reps with high weight works for muscle building.Alternating between two processes is good.

Wrapping Up

We hope now you know the answer to Is 5×5 enough volume? If you are a beginner, 5×5 can be a great choice for you. It’s ideal for strength and its convenience has made it unique from other volumes.

For further queries, just hit is up below..

Best of luck!

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