Is 16.5 Inch Arms Big? Find Out Your Answer!

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So you’ve been lifting heavy weights and working hard towards achieving a bigger bicep. But, you’ve measured yourself and you’re not sure whether your progress is substantial or not. If that’s the case then you’re in the right place. 

So, is 16.5 inch arms big?

Well, it varies whether 16.5 inch arm is considered big or not. Different components play a role in determing whether your arms are big or not. Factors like gender, genetics and height play the biggest role in deciding how big your arms are. Moreover, BMI and exercise also controls the size of your arms. 

Intrigued by what you’re seeing? Well then, let’s dive into the depths of this matter as this is only the tip of the iceberg! 

Is 16.5 inch arms big?

Determining the size of your arm is relative. Your body structure will tell you whether your arms are big or not.

Your biceps and triceps muscles keep the arm in size. Mainly people work on biceps to make the arm look more attractive. A more than average arms mean taking a lot of protein and almond milk contents

Many factors are responsible for proper bodybuilding. You will be suggested a different diet, exercise according to your age. 

So you should consider these factors while determining whether your 16.5 inch arm is big or not. Then you will find your accurate answer. 

If you are also a health conscious person you should know that these factors are closely related to your health. 16.5 inch arm is big.  If you have an average height and controlled body weight then it is a big size.

16.5 inch arm is considered big in case of arm size. If you have an average height, and controlled body weight then it is a big size for your arm.

Also if you have a short stature, your limbs will be short. So, 16.5 inches will represent you having big arms.

In the case of females, it is also a big size. Females are usually shorter than men. So, it will also look bigger in females.

If you are a tall person, your arms will look small. A tall person’s limbs are big. So in comparison to a short person, 16.5 inches will look quite short in that person.

Below these factors are discussed how they are related to your arm size.

Average Biceps Size According to Your Age

Age is the main factor to consider in every change of your body. The average size of your biceps will rise according to your age. This is also determined by cutting workout fixtures supported by bulking. 

Also, a time will come when it will decrease day by day at a certain age. 

Male and females got different average biceps sizes according to age. Let’s know about that.

In Male

The average size of a 20-29 years old male is 13.3 inches. a 30-39 year old person’s average is 13.8 inches. a 40-49 year old person’s average size is 13.9 inches.

From 20 to 49 the average size gradually increases. But after 50 it will gradually decrease. Because after 50 the body will not be the same as at a young age. Energy decreases, and many diseases occur. So ultimately these effects on the body.

At the age of 50-59, the average size is 13.5 inches. In 60-69, it will be 13.4 inches. At the age of 70-79, the average will be 12.9 inches. After 80 the average size will be the lowest one. It is 12.1 inches.

In Female

Female arm size is less than the males for their body structure. At the age of 20-29, the average size is 12.4. We can see above that males have a bigger average size than females at that age.

At the age of 30-59, the average is 12.9 inches. It is the highest average size for a normal female. After 60 it begins to decrease.

At the age of 60-69, the average size is 12.7 inches. At 70-79, it is 12.6 inches. After 80 goes the lowest average. It is 11.4 inches.


We can see the average size both in males and females according to age. The average size of a female is shorter than male.

It is because males have more body surface area than females. Also, females are shorter than males in height. From a social perspective, we can also see that males are doing more physical work than females.


There is no perfect or average size of biceps according to height. If you are a short guy you have short limbs. Also if you are tall you have large limbs.

You can build your biceps bigger. If a tall person and a short person have the same size arm, the short person’s biceps look bigger than the tall one.

So, your body structure is very important to look at your arm big.


If you get genetically the size you want, it will be a blessing for you. You need no training or arm exercise to get your desired size. 

We can see that genetically a few people are fit. They need no exercise,  no need to control their diet. Even their bodies are fit enough. These characteristics may lead to their children also. 

If you are one of them, you need only do some process to maintain. You need to take a proper balanced diet and a little workout. It will help you not to deposit the fat in your body.


BMI means body mass index. It measures our body fat with the help of our body surface area and height. It helps to know whether the body is thin, ideal, healthy, overweight, or obese.

High BMI means you are obese or overweight. There are various things to do for developing healthy body mass. A fat cut down process is a must.


2 co-factors which are necessary for maintaining the average size of your arm. These factors also help to lose weight and to gain weight.


Exercise is the most effective way to cut the extra fat from the body. A person can make his or her arm more fit by doing exercise.

Some specific arm exercises are available. If you are in a perfect BMI, but your arms are looking fat then exercise can help you out. 

Balanced Diet

A Balanced diet is also a must to be fit and to maintain. Eat regular dietary fiber, protein and essential fat. Consuming less calories and avoiding fat will help your body remain in shape.

If you follow a balanced diet, your arm will remain in average size. Also you can make your arm above the average range by taking a balanced diet.


What is considered a big arm size?

The biggest biceps range is 25-30 inches. But professional male bodybuilders usually have 20-24 inches. 14-18 inches will be suitable for female bodybuilders. So if you want a big arm size, you know the ranges. It will be quite good if your arm size is 20-24 inches. 

Why do I have big arms?

Fat can be deposited in many parts of the body. Thigh, arms, stomach, and buttocks are the most common sites. If there is excess fat in your body, it will deposit on your arm. Also when you gain weight your arms will look big. Also if the blood circulation is good in your arms. If you are doing regular muscle bulking exercise, it will also result in a big arm.

What is a decent bicep size?

According to the bodybuilders, the average size for them is around 15 inches. A normal person should maintain the average size according to their age. You can not only be fit if you are bodybuilding. Your muscles must look fuller. So you have to keep in mind the average size and work on your biceps.


That’s all on is 16.5 inch arms big or not. We hope we could make you clear regarding the whole topic. 

Make sure to keep in mind all the determining factors of arm size before comparing yourself to other people. 

Until next time. Happy Lifting!

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