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Hustle drop is a performance drop that enhances performance. However, maybe you have certain conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Or perhaps you have been prescribed a medication that does not allow you to have hustle drops.

However, you also need to improve your performance with a supplement. Therefore your question comes to what are hustle drop alternatives.

There are no direct hustle drop alternatives. However, some supplements fulfill the necessity of what a hustle drop does. It mainly increases stamina by increasing the oxygen capacity of the lungs. These supplements also increase stamina. It is another way that can be called hustle drops alternative.

Read away and discover alternative ways to increase stamina. Moreover, do exceptionally well in sports or exercises.

Hustle Drop Alternatives

Hustle Drop Alternatives
Souce: https://manukaperformance.com/

Hustle drop is a performance enhancer. This particular drop increases the oxygen capacity of the lungs. Thus increasing stamina. However, due to some problems, this particular drop is avoided for say diabetes.

However, the alternatives to hustle drops are given below.

1. Different Performance Drops

These are some of the other performance drops that increase performance drastically.


This is a New Zealand-made drop that enhances performance. This performance drop provides crazy value for your money.

The X68 provides very good stamina. This sometimes adds around 3 hours of work time.

This particular performance drop contains:

  • X68 contains UMF15+ Manuka Honey
  • There is no added color
  • There is no added flavor
  • There is no maltodextrin. Although we have used corn syrup to make a drop in the first place. However, it is still glucose, which is fine.
  • This is a fantastic and healthy energy source for work or pleasure. This also tastes great btw.
  • Very convenient, it can be placed in your backpack or pocket.

2. Chemical By Alternatives

Chemical By Alternatives

These are no direct alternatives. However, these also provide the body with the alternate purpose that hustle drops are providing.

  • Creatine

This particular supplement provides great results for anaerobic exercises but it does that indirectly.

Creatine supplement offers a rapid increase in ATP production. Moreover, it also increases phosphocreatine stores. This indirectly improves efficiency during running cycling and triathletes at another level.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is a supplement that delays fatigue. That improves performance to another level. 

Moreover, it reduces the perception of effort. This also plays a great deal in enhancing performance.

There is also an added benefit behind caffeine. It helps in fat oxidation. Therefore, a big help in weight management also. More like two birds with one stone.

This is best worked when taken 60 minutes before the workout or a big race.

However, too much caffeine is not too nice for your body. Both coffee and sugar can be worse as sugar initiates diabetes. While we’re on the subject of diabetes, I have some product suggestions for you.

Plant InsulinThis is a plant-based Insulin mainly for type 2 diabetes. This herbal supplement can keep you safe from Synthetics.
Sugar BalanceThis supplement can aid in Insulin Function.It also has a healthy amount of Glucose..

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

  • Beta-Alanine 

Beta-alanine is such a type of article that delays fatigue. It results in a better performance.

When you do intense workouts. Hydrogen ions build up in your body. These hydrogen ions lower the body’s pH level. This can result in fatigue. 

Beta-alanine is an amino acid derivative. This buffers the hydrogen ions. Potentially decreases fatigue resulting in improved performance. 

It also has various adverse impacts that might cause your body to tingle. You may notice redness on your cheeks, neck, or the backs of your hands. It depends on how many doses you are taking. Make sure to take small dosages to avoid this side effect. 

It also reduces the taurine level in your body which is essential for the absorption level of muscles. 

  • Sodium Phosphate

Sodium phosphate is a supplement that was used to preserve meat at first. However, presently sodium phosphate is used for performance-enhancing. 

Sodium phosphate improves the ability of red blood cells (RBC) to carry oxygen to exercising muscles. This, in turn, boosts stamina.

  • Branched Chain Amino Acid

Branched-chain amino acid or BCAA is a direct alternative for tryptophan. This particular amino acid tryptophan aids in releasing serotonin. We all know what serotonin does. It affects arousal, sleepiness, mood, and ultimately fatigue.

BCAA has many uses and benefits. It reduces the concentration of tryptophan. BCAA metabolism decreases lactate production. It potentially increases endurance. Therefore more stamina during exercise. This is a good alteration of hustle drops.

  • Protein

When it comes to muscle composition, protein is one of the most important factors.Whatever is included in your diet you need protein. If your body won’t be able to repair, construct or maintain your muscle mass.

When the body need it. It uses protein as a supplementary energy source. However, if you are running low on protein then you will be sacrificing your muscle tissue. As a result, a sufficient amount of protein is required.

For achieving the best results. You should have your protein supplement with carbohydrates. As this combination leads to a higher rate of glycolysis synthesis.

Some people have some problems with Protein shakes. They get better results in Lean shakes than in premier protein shakes.

  • Glutamine

It is the fastest draining amino acid from the body. Therefore its supplementation can aid in immune functions. Which helps in exhaustive exercise. 

The amino acid glutamine is the most plentiful in human bodies. So why do we need to add to it? Well, intense physical activity leads to it being drained faster than normal amino acids.

Moreover, due to this reason, the body breaks down its muscles. Leaving you in a catabolic state.

A lower glutamine level means that your immune system will also not function properly. It will then increase the risk of infection and diseases.

  • Fish Oil

Fish oil has omega 3 in them. This particular nutrient helps in boosting energy levels.

Fish oil that is refined will significantly improve your athletic performance. Fish oil helps in improved blood flow. This blood flow pushes blood, which carries oxygen throughout the body. 

Other Methods

Other Methods

Well. let’s say you do not want to do supplements at this moment. You can take a break from supplements and take over other exercises to increase stamina.

There are several ways. But it is time-consuming so you can try out the deep breath method. Then take proper rest in between exercises. Do more cardio to increase your body stamina. 

Cardio helps greatly to increase your stamina. It helps your lungs to increase their oxygen consumption capacity.

Moreover, you can add some foods to your diet to increase stamina. Foods such as banana, peanut butter, eggs, nuts, etc increase stamina.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I Take Supplements Without A Prescription?

Yes, you most certainly can. However, before using any supplement, you should always visit your doctor. As some supplements can now have negative consequences. Also, they can interfere with other prescription or over-the-counter medications or supplements you’re currently using. 

  • What Does ‘Standardized’ Mean On A Supplement Label?

“Standardized” means manufacturers guarantee that each and every batch of their goods is created in a consistent manner. It is frequently used to describe plant extracts. (herbal medicines). These extracts contain a certain proportion of active component (s).

  • What Is the Distinction Between RDA and DV?

The RDA is the quantity of a nutrient that should be consumed each day depending on certain factors. It depends on one’s age, gender, pregnancy or breastfeeding period. On a supplement label, the word DV, which stands for Daily Value, is more likely to appear. 


I tediously hope you got a clear idea about the hustle drop alternatives.

You won’t get the exact nutrients that hustle drop offers. However, mixing and matching different supplements to your needs can get even better results. At Least better than what hustle drop was about to give you. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Cheers to a happy and healthy life.

Till next time.

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