Does 4-Andro Shut You Down? – Answered!

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Athletes seem more concerned and think does 4-andro shut you down? The concern is understandable when the answer is in the affirmative.

It’s indispensable to have a proper discussion!

Not to mention, 4-Andro is a perfect complement of supplements that help gain strength and power. 4-Andro converts a small charge of DHT and estrogen. Its compounds have anabolic properties that push in more speed than conventional ANDRO supplements.

Yes, 4-andro shuts you down. This means that 4-andro will suppress the body’s testosterone production. It’s a non-methylated prohormone made with natural ingredients, yet causing some side effects. 4-andro will slightly convert to estrogen which can be controlled by taking an estrogen blocker. 

So, should everyone take 4-Andro at the same amount? This question could be tricky to answer. But no, it is divided into sectors. 

The reasons and facts are elaborately discussed in this article. Hopefully, you’ll get all your answers here. 

So, let’s get started!

Does 4-Andro Shut You Down?

Does 4-Andro Shut You Down

Yes, 4-andro shut you down. Some sort of side effects is noticed even though IronMag Labs 4- Andro Rx is non-methylated.

4-Andro, a popular non-methylated prohormone, is used as a bulking prohormone. It depends on the diet and lifting program of male athletes who are 21 or older.

How Does 4-Andro Work?

How Does 4-Andro Work

It mixes with the bloodstream and converts into testosterone. This supports an anabolic state for users in gaining strength and increasing size.

A 4-Andro consists of 4-androstene-3b, 17b-diol and 5a-androstanediol. These compounds make 4-Andro triggering. These compounds showed effectiveness in boosting testosterone levels. 

It works in producing testosterone in such a way that other supplements fail. The effects become noticeable immediately after the consumer starts the cycle of prohormone. Making a unique result, both males and females are benefited similarly. 

Studies revealed that 4-andro decreases the cortisol level keeping a pace of increment in the testosterone levels. Moreover, 4-Andro is able to inhibit 5 alpha-reductase activities. This means it prevents testosterone from converting to estrogen. 

Last but not the least, 4-Andro works in converting the compounds to dihydrotestosterone after ingestion. This implicit better review in the growth of strength and performance. 

What Is The Appropriate Dose For 4-Andro?

It is recommended to take 200-400mg of 4-Andro per day during the cycle. It’ll be wise to divide the dose into two parts. 

4-Andro is taken in two phases, beginners and advanced. The recommended dose cycle for beginners and advanced level users is mentioned below-

Beginners: This generally means sometimes the new athletes and gym-goers. 

In the Morning (with food) 1 capsule.
At Night (with food)1 capsule.

Continue the cycle for 4-6 weeks. Give an interval of 2-4 weeks in between the cycles.

Advanced: They are basically the people who have been taking the dose from an intermediate level. The advanced users get quite used to the dosage. 

In the Morning (with food)2 capsules.
At Night (with food)2 capsules.

Continue the cycle for 4-6 weeks. Just like the test and eq cycle, make sure to maintain regular dosage.  Give an interval of 2-4 weeks in between the cycles. 

You may ask if you need a cycle support product? Well yes. Cycle support can’t be ignored in conjunction with prohormone. It’s significant in getting better benefits of prohormones and avoiding liver problems. Also, to maintain healthy blood pressure. 

Besides, this might have struck you whether you need a post-cycle therapy supplement or not? The answer is affirmative. Post-cycle therapy is unconditionally required for prohormone use. 

IronMag Labs 4-Andro Rx is non-methylated for which it has fewer side effects. For this, the best PCT product to combine with 4-andro is IronMagLabs Anabolic Matrix.

PCT is a crucial component required to suppress natural testosterone levels. It helps in recovering the body’s natural hormonal balance. Doses that require PCTs at any dosage or cycle length are-

  • Ligandrol (LGD)-4033
  • YK-11

What Are The Benefits Of 4-Andro?

Despite the fact that 4-Andro may shut you down, it has a few advantages too. Athletes aged 21 or more are often seen taking 4-Andro. Besides this is taken by people who intend on making a body or increasing strength. 

4-andro, a potent endogenous androgen of the body, is highly known as 4-DHEA. The benefits of 4-Andro/ 4-DHEA are described below-

  • Increased body mass: it increases testosterone levels helping in promoting muscle growth. 4-andro lean muscle mass and increase protein synthesis.
  • Improved strength and performance: 4-Andro/ 4-DHEA reduces fatigue and improves power while training. 
  • Improved libido: As testosterone level increases, 4-Andro helps in improving libido. This performance-enhancing drug can make life more enjoyable leading to a fulfilling private life.
  • Reduced body fat: 4-Andro  suppresses appetite and helps in reducing water retention. This leads to a reduction of body fat by increasing energy levels and burning calories through training.
  • Faster recovery time: Trainers get tired during workouts. 4-Andro/4-DHEA speeds up the recovery time of trainers between their workouts. This allows the trainers to train frequently and that too without adverse effects. 

You must have observed by now that 4-Andro/4-DHEA have many benefits. If you want a perfect physique, and improve overall health, 4-Andro/4-DHEA is a perfect choice.

Is Andro Used For Strength? Or Mass Building?

Is Andro Used For Strength Or Mass Building

Andro is used for increasing both the strength of the body and mass building.

Athletes and gymgoers need a lot of strength to work out. Technically, strength is again gained through exercise. This is a kind of a loop where 4-Andro works as an engine. 4-andro is thus a reason for strength and mass growth.  

Androgens are used for mass building, to make it bulkier but not better. It increases your muscle size not ensuring the muscle mass quality. 

Study shows andro do not necessarily develop the pushing power of muscles. It just makes muscles bulkier.

But an exception says people who consumed 4-Andro while strength training, gained more. They observed notable growth in both strength and muscle.

What Are The Side Effects?

You may wonder if the side effects are deadly or minimal? Well, 4-andro side effects are minimal. Added that, some serious effects too. Like the e2 symptoms of crashing, you may notice these side effects. 

Some slight side effects that can be controlled with medication are-

  1. Increased aggression
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Back pumps or, muscle cramps
  4. Hair loss
  5. Acne
  6. Gynecomastia (rare case)

Excessive intake of 4-Andro can cause some serious side effects too. This includes-

  1. Heart diseases
  2. Liver damage
  3. Kidney damage
  4. Stroke (in critical case)

If you face any of these side effects, make sure to consult your doctor first. Then you can take the supplements or discontinue them as soon as possible. 

Can A-Androsterone Cause Any Serious Side Effect?

No, a-androsterone can’t cause any serious side effects. Because it’s a non-methylated prohormone. Non-methylated prohormones don’t use methyls. So they’re safer on the body and less taxing on the body.

Male and female athletes tend to intake 4-andro for strength and bodybuilding. Therefore, minimal side effects are expected. Moreover, some obvious side effects can be omitted completely with conventional supplements.

What Precautions Are To Be Taken?

There isn’t enough authentic information about what kind of precautions should be taken while consuming 4-Andro. Some basic precautions that are prescribed by the researchers are-

  • Using proper support supplements.
  • Using estrogen blocker to minimize estrogen conversion.
  • Taking control of diabetic risks.
  • Maintaining cycle length for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Maintaining an appropriate dose of 4-andro.
  • Avoid dosing if you’re pregnant, heart patient or liver patient.
  • Consulting the doctor immediately if any abnormal health problem is noticed.

Few studies showed increased testosterone due to excess consumption of 4-Andro in older men is risky. Due to this, they become prone to prostate cancer. 

You can take other health supplements with 4-Andro for increasing your muscle health. 

FLEXOBLISSThis natural supplement can improve the health of your muscles and bones to keep you flexible and active.

Is It Safe To Intake 4-Andro?

Yes, at a slight level. Like any other supplement, 4-andro has some side effects too. Though they’re avoidable if you intake some other supplements with it. 

You may think, if it is not 100% safe then, what makes this product so special? The answer is that it is made with only natural ingredients. And this works for both men and women. 

The 4-Andro is also helpful in-

  • Weight management
  • Mood support
  • Energy level
  • Physical performance, etc.

So, a minimum intake of 4-Andro and support of supplements will make it safe. The supplements include Blockade, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Xtreme, Vital ZMA, and L-Glutamine.


  • Does 4-Andro convert to estrogen?

Yes, 4-Andro slightly converts to estrogen. Though this isn’t risky, an estrogen blocker is suggested to minimize estrogen conversion. This helps in preventing gyno or any kind of estrogen-related problems.

  • Is androstenedione a steroid?

Yes, androstenedione is a natural steroid. It’s a steroid hormone that is produced in both male and female gonads and adrenal glands. It’s used in increasing testosterone levels. It’s known as a performance-enhancing drug in spite of being used as a supplement for bodybuilding.

  • Can 4-Andro be used as a test base?

Yes, 4-Andro can be used as a test base. 4-Andro is converted to testosterone, then primarily, for 1-Andro cycles, is used as a test base. 4-Andro is also used for other suppressive SARM such as LGD-4033, RAD140, or S-23.


Now, you know, does 4-andro shut you down? For athletes aged 21 and older and for gym-goers, 4-andro is useful. But it can also shut you down.

Hope this article was insightful for you. Let me know your reviews. You can leave a comment here. 

Have a good day!

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