Do Lucky Jeans Run Big or Small? (Find your size!)

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“Lucky” is a world renowned fashion brand mostly popular for their wide range of fashion accessories. 

However, they’re mainly recognized because of its jeans collection. But there is often confusion over their jeans.

Do Lucky Jeans Run Big or Small?

Lucky jeans run small. This means that, for a medium sized waist, you need to grab small sized jeans. The measurement increases proportionally with the size of the waist. They have a practice of making every jeans two sizes smaller than your average daily wear.

We’ve got more information regarding this topic. Just stick around till the end and you’ll end up learning more about Lucky jeans sizes and fits. 

Let’s go!

Do Lucky Jeans Run Big or Small?

Yes, lucky jeans run small, which means if your waist size is medium, you have to buy a pair of lucky jeans which are small sized. 

Some people say that the size of lucky jeans differs based on their different styles. 

Also, some people say that the lucky brand uses ‘juniors’ sizing that means everything is about two sizes smaller than what you would normally wear. So it’s pretty confusing to find the perfect size of lucky jeans for yourself. 

Do Lucky Jeans Run Big or Small

How to Find the Perfect Size of Lucky Jeans for Yourself?

Now we’re going to discuss the sizes that are available in lucky jeans. From here you could find your own size that will help you to pick your jeans.  


2XS means extra extra small. The range of waist size for XXS is 23 – 24.5. As we already know that the lucky brand uses ‘juniors’ sizing. That means everything is about two sizes smaller than what you would normally wear.

In a fitness and weight loss scenario, you may have cut down in your weight. By avoiding any health issues while cutting, you have reached your goal. This means adjusting with smaller sizes is suiting your new found glory. 

So, the perfect size for you would be two sizes smaller than 2XS (2 extra small). Which means, your waist size would be within 21 – 22.5. But unfortunately, this size is not available in the lucky brand.


XS stands for extra small. The range of waist size for extra small is 25 – 26.5. So if your waist size is actually extra small, your size in the lucky brand would be within 23 – 24.5. That means, the size 2XS will fit you well.

So, if you want to buy a pair of jeans from the lucky brand, pick from those jeans which are 2XS. That size of jeans will be perfect for you.  

S means small. The range of the waist size for S is 27 – 28.5. Which means, in the lucky brand your waist size would be 25 – 26.5. 

So originally, if you wear the size small, then you would have to search for the size S. That way you’ll find your size for lucky jeans.

M is for medium size. For this size, the range of the waist size is 29 – 30.5. If your original waist size is medium, then your size in the lucky brand would be 27 – 28.5.

Therefore, to buy jeans from the lucky brand, find the jeans which are small sized. This size will fit you perfectly. 

L stands for large size. The range of the waist size for this one is 31 – 32.5. So, in the lucky brand your size will be two sizes smaller which is 29 – 30.5. If you usually wear large sized jeans, you have to pick from the medium sized jeans. 

In a case where you are not happy with the L size waist line. You may want to get to the M size by reducing. Depending on how you are working with calories reset functions, you can achieve the goal. 


XL is called extra large. The range of the waist size for XL is 33 – 34.5. Then your waist size in the lucky brand will be 31 – 32.5. This range falls under the L (Large) size. 

So when you go to the lucky brand to buy a pair of jeans, you have to buy the large size. This size might be the perfect size for you.

Alternative Jeans Brands to Pick

There are more brands to buy jeans that will fit perfectly. Such as, imogene + willie, loup, freenote, tellason etc. You can buy jeans from these brands where you don’t have to worry about the size. You can easily find the exact size of jeans that you generally wear. 

Imogene + Willie

Imogene + Willie is a nice brand to buy denim jeans. You can find a lot of varieties in style and design for jeans. Also, you can find jeans for both men and women. You can find loose fit, relaxed fit, straight cut etc. jeans styles in different colors.   


Loup is a great brand for women to find different kinds of jeans. They have different colors of pants with different textures. Especially, if you’re a plus size, you might find loup very helpful. Because they have a good collection of bottoms for plus size. 

They have many kinds of jeans in their collection. Such as, ivory toni jeans, terracotta toni jeans, black james work pants. They also have dark indigo kate jeans and washed indigo kate jeans to make you look fit

Also, they have washed indigo parker jeans, bleach indigo long sabrina pants, green margo pants.


Freenote is a good brand for men to find jeans. They also have different kinds of jeans which have different colors and styles. The colors of jeans that are available in this brand are brown, white, gray, black gray, tan etc.


Tellason is also a brand for men to buy jeans. They have different types of styles in their collection as well. Such as straight leg, straight tapered, slim straight, slim tapered, mid-rise slim tapered etc.


Is it Good to Buy Jeans Bigger or Smaller?

It’s good to buy a pair of jeans that fits you well. Most importantly you should feel comfortable wearing them. If you buy bigger jeans, it would be loose on your waist and if you buy smaller jeans, it would be too tight. So neither of them will be comfortable.  

Can Conditioner Stretch Jeans?

Yes, conditioners can stretch jeans. It relaxes the fibers of the jeans. When the fibers are relaxed, it can be easily stretched. So,conditioners can be used if you need to reshape your shrunk jeans. 

How Do You Prevent Jeans from Shrinking?

To Prevent jeans from shrinking, you have to keep them away from any kind of heat. You have to wash them with cold water and air dry them. If you use hot water to wash them and use heat to dry them, your jeans will definitely shrink very badly.  


That should answer your query on, Do lucky jeans run big or small?

If your size is not available in the brand, you can always look for alternative brands.

Thanks for staying with us till the end. Have a great day!

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