Chia Seeds Metformin for Diabetics: Friends or foe? 2022

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Chia seeds are the rockstar of superfoods among the diabetic community. But, Metformin prescribed patients are worried about taking chia seeds metformin together. 

So, Can you have chia seeds metformin together?

You can have chia seeds Metformin together. Bloating, diarrhea and nausea are among the effects of Metformin. Chia seeds are high in fiber that counteracts the side effects of Metformin and helps balance gut health. But, both chia seeds Metformin must be taken in moderation for certain conditions.

Chia Seeds Metformin

Chia seeds and metformin both have similar benefits. But can you take them together? Will they work together or not? 

Everything looks blurry at the moment but do not worry! 

I will answer all your questions regarding chia seeds metformin in this article. 

Let’s not wait and march forward!

Metformin Chia Seeds: What Do They Do?

Metformin and Chia seeds, both primarily do the same work for diabetic patients. That is, lowering the sugar in the blood, and decreasing resistance to insulin in the body. Let’s hop on to the next section to know about them in detail.

Metformin for Type 2 Diabetes

Metformin is prescribed with a healthy diet and exercise routine to lower the blood sugar level. Doctors prescribe it to those with type 2 diabetes. 

Metformin is a slow-release drug. It can take up to 3months to get the full effect on the sugar levels.

Metformin controls the blood sugar spike in the body. Insulin is a natural production of the body. And Metformin gradually assists to restore adequate response to insulin. 

Metformin reduces the liver’s production quantity of sugar. It also decreases the intestine and stomach’s absorption of sugar. 

Chia Seeds for Type 2 Diabetes

Chia Seeds come from a flowering plant in the mint family and contain high fiber. Consuming chia seeds may be very useful in treating diabetes, according to recent studies.

This is because the fiber content of chia seeds is highly soluble in the body. Soluble fiber, which melts in water, can aid in the reduction of blood glucose levels. 

Fiber lowers high blood sugar levels and decreases the insulin resistance of the patient’s body. That’s how chia seeds lower your risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. 

According to studies, chia seed bread has a lower blood sugar response than regular bread. which helps to prevent excessive blood sugar levels.

Chia Seeds for Type 2 Diabetes

Benefits of Metformin Chia Seeds taken together

Metformin Chia seeds have the same effect on the body. Which is lowering your blood sugar level. 

So, are there benefits to taking these two together for a diabetes type 2 patient? 

Let’s explore the benefits!

As stated before, Metformin is a blood sugar-lowering drug prescribed to type 2 diabetic patients.

Metformin works differently as it is a prescribed drug. And prescribed drugs work to help improve the specific conditions of the body. 

Chia seeds, on the other hand, are a natural food. It lowers blood sugar along with other benefits.

Chia Seeds are a superfood for diabetes. As soon you consume some chia seeds, you will notice your glucose level drop within hours.

In contrast, Metformin is a slow-release drug that takes days to affect the glucose level. And the dosage also starts small. 

The catch is, that Metformin meddles with the digestive process. This is why it is prescribed to take with meals.

Now, it is well known that Chia seeds help regulate gut health. It works amazingly on an upset stomach.

When Metformin chia seeds are taken together, they will work as a team. 

How so?

Metformin slowly works on your glucose level, insulin resistance, and sugar absorption. 

Chia seeds at the same will make sure that your stomach issues don’t flare up. Instantly lower your glucose level. This is really helpful when your glucose rises suddenly. 

As a result, you will notice a significant change in your glucose level in your daily life. 

Isn’t that great?

Is Chia Seeds Bad for Diabetes?

Quite the opposite. Chia seeds are a diabetes superfood. It can assist with anything from blood sugar control to weight loss.

Chia seeds have a glycemic index of 1, making them an excellent food for diabetics. Gluten-free and readily digestible, chia seeds are a great addition to any diet.

For type 2 diabetes patients, chia seeds can be a staple in their diet. However, you should consume chia seeds in moderation while on medication. The best spot is to have 10g to 15g a day.

Chia Seeds alternative for Type 2 Diabetic Patients

There is some amazing alternatives to help you if you want to avoid chia seeds. As a type 2 diabetic myself, I swear by these. Take a look at the table below, 

Gluco Freeze Pills Reviews New and Improved 2022 FormulaUnique blend of vitamins and minerals that regulate the glucose level in your body.
Blood Sugar Blaster, Advanced FormulaDuring meal pill with natural ingredients to maintain healthy blood sugar level.
ORGANOPLEX – Insulin Plant Powder (Costus Igneus)Plant-based dietary supplement that will not interact with Metformin

Here are some great diabetic snacks out there for you to munch on. Take it as a bonus tip from us.

Side Effects of Metformin Chia Seeds taken together 

A diabetic has to take a calculated Metformin dosage. The dosage is properly calculated by a doctor to avoid blood sugar spikes and dips.

Side Effects of Metformin Chia Seeds taken together 

Because of their high fiber content, chia seeds may help to reduce blood sugar levels. Fiber inhibits sugar absorption in the gut, preventing rapid and large increases in blood sugar levels.

Metformin is a slow dosage medicine started with a low dosage. When Metformin and Chia Seeds were taken together, it can help stabilize the blood sugar level. 

However, if chia seeds are ingested on a constant basis, their blood sugar may drop. This is the only side effect that affects a diabetic patient. 

The effect can be bad to the point where they need to change their Meformin dosage. A dip in glucose levels causes health risks for a diabetic.

Thus, it is advised to consume Chia Seeds in moderation. And always monitor your blood sugar level when you take Metformin and Chia Seeds together. That way you will know when to regulate your chia seeds consumption.

How Much Chia Seeds Per Day for Diabetics: For patients Taking Metformin 

Experts usually recommend eating 20 g (2 tbsp) of chia seeds twice a day. If you are taking Metformin, you should reduce the quantity to 10g a day. 


Well, Metformin is already working on your body to make less glucose, and lower insulin resistance. It also help your gut absorb less glucose. 

Chia seeds also help lower the blood sugar level. In a slightly different way. 

So, if you take too many chia seeds, for example about 40gms. It might interact with your medication and lower your blood sugar below the target level. 

Start with consuming just 10gm chia seeds a day. Monitor your blood sugar level. If it doesn’t affect the blood glucose, you can consume more. 

But when it affects your blood sugar beyond the intended, reduce the number of chia seeds.

Substitute Metformin with Chia Seeds: Can You Do It?

Absolutely not. You can’t and you shouldn’t.  If you feel like it’s doing you more harm than good, please consult your doctor. 

No matter what the wellness, organic lifestyle, or pro-nature enthusiasts say, medications are here to help you. They don’t ruin your body cycle. 

It’s a no-brainer that medications are prescribed when your body can not function as it should. 

Metformin is no different. It’s in your prescription for good reasons. 

However, you can substitute Psyllium husk capsules for Chia Seeds.


Do chia seeds spike blood sugar?

No, chia seeds do not spike blood sugar. Rather, it helps lower blood sugar. According to a number of studies, chia seeds can drastically lower blood sugar levels. This is mostly due to the high fiber content of chia seeds. Which delays sugar absorption in the blood and can lower blood sugar levels.

Can you take chia seeds with medication?

You can take Chia Seeds with medication. However, you can’t eat too many of them. Consuming too many chia seeds results in medication interaction. Chia seeds are generally healthy for most individuals. But you should limit your intake if you take blood sugar-reducing or blood pressure drugs.

Is chia seeds good for diabetic patients?

Chia seeds are a diabetes superfood because they help you maintain blood sugar levels and lose weight. Chia seeds may aid in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and its consequences. One ounce (28.35 g) of dry chia seeds has around 10 g of fiber. Which helps you keep fuller for longer. 


That covers pretty much everything for chia seeds metformin consumption together. 

Diabetes is a chronic illness but can be maintained with a healthy diet and medication. Chia seeds are undoubtedly an ally for that. I have discussed all the angles for the good and bad of Chia seeds and Metformin. 

Did this article answer any of your questions? Let me know. 

Take care!

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