Boiled Eggs Or Fried Eggs For Bodybuilding – The Eggsact Choice!

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Have you been hitting the gym recently? Moreover, want to have a good body? Then comes to mind the diet that comes with it. Because dieting has a great impact on bodybuilding.

So, boiled eggs or fried eggs for bodybuilding, which one’s suitable?

It is about preference. While boiled eggs are more selective. It is because they are boiled. Also, they do not contain many calories. However, some people actually want more calories so they would prefer fried eggs. However, fried eggs contain more flavor and more cholesterol as well.

The above portion is too small to answer all the things. So, If you have time to spare, then have a read. Discover the mysteries behind the egg in detail. 

Eggs Boiled Or Fried For Bodybuilding

Eggs are one of the most liked breakfast items. However, there are many unanswered issues about eating eggs.

You may want to know the best way to eat eggs for muscle building. Besides, you may think whether to cook an egg sandwich or a morning scramble. There are several methods for preparing eggs, but the two most common are boiled and fried. 

Boiled eggs are more popular. Because they are easy to produce and take less time to prepare. However, fried eggs offer their own set of advantages. You’ll be delighted with either sort of egg by seasoning it with salt, pepper, and butter.

So, one of them is tasty by default. And you can make the other one tasty by adding some seasonings.

Which Is Healthier: Eggs, Boiled Or Fried

In terms of nutrients, boiled eggs are significantly preferable to fried eggs. So, while fried eggs taste better, boiled eggs are the most practical option. However, the difference in nutrients isn’t so significant.

A Boiled Egg Has Less Calories Than A Fried Egg

There are more calories in fried eggs than in boiled eggs. A fried egg has 90 calories. On the other hand, a boiled egg contains 78 calories. The oil increases the calories in a fried egg.

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Cholesterol Levels In Boiled Versus Fried Eggs

The amount of cholesterol and fat  in fried eggs are far more than in boiled eggs. This is because the egg was cooked in oil. The cholesterol in fried eggs can be hazardous if the frying oil is of bad type. And our bodies can maintain only a certain percentage of fat.  

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Boiled Or Fried Eggs: Choosing One for Weight Loss?

There are different methods that you can implement for cooking eggs. The variations include hard or soft boiling, poaching, scrambling, egg omelets, fried eggs, and microwaved eggs. 

The techniques of cooking eggs using the least amount of grease, oil, or fat are the healthiest. 

Fried eggs are thus probably the least healthful option for weight reduction. This excludes boiling, poaching, scrambling, microwaving, and making omelets. 

To help you lose weight, you must prepare eggs that activate the nutrients in them. However, overcooking eggs or using too much heat may not result well. It might destroy nutrients, undermining the objective.

Boiled Or Fried Eggs for Muscle Strengthening

Two big eggs include 13 grams of high-quality protein per meal. There are nine necessary amino acids commonly known as protein building blocks. Eggs include all of them. It makes them an excellent diet for muscle maintenance, development, and repair.

Both the egg white and the yolk contain protein. And it is virtually evenly distributed across the two components. 

Research says, eating entire eggs stimulates muscle development. It can also repair muscles more than eating egg whites alone. Because the yolk contains vitamins and minerals as well.

Which Is Better For Weight Growth, A Boiled Or Fried Egg?

You may wonder which egg is best, boiled or fried for weight gaining. Both eggs are better for weight growth. It is hard to choose and recommend which one is better. However, the fried one might be more effective for weight growth. It is because it contains more calories. 

If you choose boiled eggs, you should know how many boiled eggs after workout to eat. And you should know how to boil eggs as well.

There is no uncertainty. Eggs are beneficial to one’s health. Consume two eggs every day boiled/fried if you want to bulk up. 

A wrestler may keep healthy and active by eating 12 eggs every day. However, by consuming 12 eggs every day for a month, an office manager will become fat. So, you should check how many eggs you should eat for muscle gaining

For example, is 2 eggs a day enough protein for you? Yes, it can be. So, eat your eggs. Maintain your health and happiness.

Fried Vs. Boiled Food 

Boiling methods continue to help reduce extra fat in meals. Boiling or simmering foods are significantly healthier than frying or roasting them.

Food can be highly healthy, but its nutritional value begins to drop after it is fried. The reason is that not all critical nutrients can tolerate high temperatures. And frying induces high heat.

Better, Healthier, And Less Calorie Option

Boiled eggs are produced by immersing the egg in boiling water and making it hard enough.

The egg whites and yolk are solid in the fried eggs. Usually, oil or butter is used for frying. You may choose boiled or fried, depending on your preference. Both of them have some advantages. And adding to that, they have some disadvantages also. Some of them are discussed below.

There is zero fat in the yolk of boiled eggs. That means they have fewer calories. Also, they are simpler to peel. And cooking them for longer can make them taste better. In that case, you have to use the proper seasonings.

Fried eggs may be tastier compared to boiled ones. The taste can vary based on the oil or butter type and the cooking duration. A golden crust is also formed around the edge which looks wonderful.

Boiled eggs are generally healthier since they include fewer calories and fat which resets. But, fried eggs have more powerful tastes owing to the fat content.

Benefits Of Eggs

Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs hold the greatest biological value (or gold standard) for protein besides milk. 

An egg has just 75 calories. But there are 7 grams of high-quality protein as well. Adding to that, there is fat, and some saturated fat as well. There are iron, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids also.

The health benefits of eggs are many. The egg is high in disease-fighting compounds like lutein and zeaxanthin. The risk of age-related macular degeneration is lowered by these carotenoids. 

Furthermore, the choline component in eggs may benefit brain growth and memory.


Are fried eggs better than boiled eggs?

Fried eggs are better in terms of flavors. Fried eggs contain more fat content, so they have more robust flavors. However, boiled eggs are the healthier option. They contain less fat and calories. So, you get all the nutrients without consuming extra fat.

Whole eggs or egg whites, which is better for muscle gain?

Whole eggs are better for muscle gaining. Egg whites can also help you to gain muscles. But the output in whole eggs is almost 40% more. That’s why whole eggs are a better option in terms of muscle gaining.

How many eggs should one eat for muscle gaining?

Usually, one should eat 3 to 6 eggs per day for muscle gaining. You can either have whole eggs or egg whites only. However, if you want to gain lean muscle mass, there can be some modifications. So, there are variations.

Does the protein in eggs remain the same when fried?

Yes, the protein in eggs remains the same when fried. The protein amount doesn’t change in the egg whether you fry it, boil it, or scramble it. However, fried eggs digest easily. On the other hand, raw eggs take more time to digest and it’s more complex.

Why are egg yolks avoided by bodybuilders?

Bodybuilders tend to avoid egg yolks due to fat and cholesterol. They used to consume egg white only for protein. However, now it’s recommended to eat whole eggs. Because now it’s known that whole eggs are more beneficial.


Finally, we’ve come to the conclusion. Now it’s time to end the boiled eggs or fried eggs for bodybuilding discussion. Hope you enjoyed the whole discussion.

Eggs are a great source of protein. So, it can provide you with the necessary energy after a workout. However, try to choose the best version for you. That’s it from us.

Do leave us a comment below. Hope to see you next time!

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