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J Paul Hendricks is the mastermind and the founder of FamilyDoctorMag.com

Philethia Thomas Senior Content Editor at FamilyDoctorMag

Philethia Thomas is the senior content editor and writer in our Supplements Department who enjoys writing about health supplements, and she has previous experience with Gastric Reflux (Heartburn), RESVERATONE DIET, EXIPURE, FLEXOTONE, and other various supplements as well.

Melissa Robbins Nutrition Content Writer at FamilyDoctorMag

Melissa Robbins is the content writer in our Nutrition department who enjoys writing about food and nutrition. She has been an avid reader of food blogs and websites for a long time now and enjoys writing about the health benefits of food products. She is also a foodie, having cooked her share of healthy meals for her family.

David Falcone Senior Content Manager at FamilyDoctorMag

David Falcone is the senior content manager and writer in our Men’s Health Department, who enjoys writing mostly about sexual health issues and supplements.