55 lb Barbell Vs 45- The Right Choice!!

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Just as you’re ready to hit the weights, you are confused. You are thinking about which barbell you should use for the weights. Let’s just say it is worth a thought. 

So you want to know about 55 lb barbell vs 45?

If you want the added weight and better grip, the 55 lb should be your choice. This is also the right choice if you want to do some heavy exercise. On the other hand, if you prefer the regular bodybuilding routine, choose 45 lb. This will also be cheaper on your pocket compared to the 55 lb barbell.

Well, knowing just this much won’t solve your purpose. But don’t worry. Cause we have written a whole article about it just for you.

55 lb Barbell Vs 45- Quick Comparison!

As fitness enthusiasts, we understand that choosing the right barbell is a top priority. While there are a lot of options but you need one which is right for you.

While the 55 lb and 45 lb barbells seem to be quite close, they have quite the difference. There are certain factors that can determine which barbell is the right one for you. 

Here we have tried to enlist some of these factors briefly:

55 lb Barbell45 lb Barbell
Weight Check1300 lb1000 lb
KnurlingHill (Standard), Pointy Mountain, Volcano, standardMostly standard knurling
Exercise TypeBench pressBent-Over RowStanding Bent Over PressTriceps ExtensionBarbell Back and Front SquatBarbell Bench PressBarbell Rack PullBarbell Romanian DeadliftAll of the 45 lbs exercises
Price210$ – 220$160$ – 180$

Although this brief summary is not enough. So we have tried to elaborate on all these categories. Hope you will find the right fit for you here. 

55 lb Barbell Vs 45

55 lb Barbell Vs 45- Detailed Comparison!

Before hitting the gym with all your effort, it’s important to choose the right barbell. Or else it might affect your targeted physique. Also, certain exercises have expected results. These can only be carried out by choosing the right barbell.

So without further delay, let’s dive right into it.

Weight Check

Depending on the size of the barbell, the weight you can put on it also changes. Because the added amount of weight in the barbell supports the extra weight of the barbell. 

So, how much weight can a 45 lb barbell hold?

The maximum weight you should put on a 45 lb barbell is 1000 lb. 45 lb barbells are mostly Olympic bars and they can withstand weights up to 1000 lb. Any more than that and the barbell might tip or bend.

On the other hand, how much weight can a 55 lb barbell hold?

A 55 lb barbell can withstand weights up to 1300 lb. Since it’s a heavier barbell it can withstand more weight than the average barbell. Although putting too much may harm your barbell. The added extra weight might bend the barbell.

Now as you can see, the 55 lb barbell can withstand more weight than the average barbell. So if you want to do some heavy lifting then this is the one for you.

On the other hand, you might not want to spend some extra calories. Also, this added weight means you are aiming for a bulk physique. 

So, unless you want a bulk physique there is no need to add the extra weights. The 45 lb barbell will do just great in handling your necessity.


As you already know, the purpose of knurling is to increase friction. That is while holding the barbell. Now there are different types of knurling. And in this case, it has a big effect. 

Mainly there are three types of knurling: Hill, Mountain, and Volcano. Amongst these, the hill knurling is the standard one. In most cases, the 45 lb barrels are embedded with hill knurling.

On the other hand, the 55 lb barbells have different varieties. Although the hill knurling is available in this too. But there are also reasons why the rest of the knurlings are available in 55 lb barbells. 

To understand this we have to get the reasons for different types of knurling.  

So, what are the features of hill knurling? In the hill knurling, the diamond shapes are not pointy. Rather they are round on the surface. This gives the knurl a less aggressive texture. This in turn leads to lesser grip strength while holding the barbell.

When you’re using a 45 lb barbell, you don’t have to put up with too much weight. So the hill knurling might be enough for you. Because you won’t be needing that added grip to lift the extra weight.

But when it’s a 55 lb barrel, it means you are going the highway. And when enduring these heavy weights, you wouldn’t want a casualty of lower grip to hinder you. 

So, in our opinion, standard knurling is not the right choice for a 55 lb barrel.

Now comes the mountain and volcano knurling. Both of them possess an aggressive grip. In the mountain knurl, the diamond-like shape has a sharp point. While you are holding on to it, it will feel more tightened in your hand. 

Although a bad feature of it is it might feel too rough on your hand. Feeling the added pain from the grip could cause discomfort.

This is the bright side where volcano knurl comes in. What are the features of Volcano Knurling? With its four-pointed tip, it feels much smoother in your hand. While giving a better amount of grip, it reduces the strain on your palm. The added is due to the added points within the same surface.

So, what did we want to convey by all this information? Basically, if you want some serious weight lifting, then you would want a better grip. Because without it, lifting the weight will become much harder.

Thus, if you want a better grip choosing the 55 lb barrel would be beneficial for you. Because it comes with the volcano and mountain knurlings, not commonly available in 45 lb.

The last thing to consider is the central knurl. So, what is the purpose of central knurl on barbells? Mainly it helps to raise friction while squatting. It reduces the risk of the barbell falling down which could cause serious injuries.

Most of the 55 lb barbells have central knurls. So this should also help your cause.

Exercise Type

As you might have guessed, these different barbells are meant for different types of exercise. While 45 lb barbell is the average Olympic barbell, 55 lb is meant for heavier exercises. 

So, what exercises can I do with 45 lb barbell?

With the 45 lb barbell, you can do upper body workouts. These can be Bench Press, Standing Overhead Press, Tricep Extension, Bent Over Row, Upright Row, etc. All of these exercises are standard exercises for bodybuilders.

And, what exercises should I do with 55 lb barbell?

For a 55 lb barbell, your goal should be to focus on heavier exercises for a bulky physique. Some of these are Rack Pull, Bent Over Row, Romanian Deadlift, Hip Thrust, Push Press, etc.

Some people say that their arms become numb while squatting. This is not a problem to be worried about. Just consult with your trainer for proper advice.

So, depending on the type of exercise, you should choose the right barbell for you.


We understand that price is always a big factor when choosing a product. So we have sorted that problem out for you too.

Most of the 45 lb articles price between 160$ – 180$. On the other hand, since 55 lb barbells are heavier they are a bit more pricy. They range between 210$ – 220$.

So if you prefer a lower-priced barbell then go for the 45 lb barbell.

Aside from only barbells, you also need proper nutrition to ensure that your exercise pays off. For that, we have some recommendations:

Keto BHB20$ – 25$
Keto Advantage50$ – 70$

Though it’s not always necessary to maintain a strict diet. You can always go for a cheat day. But while you are at it, you have to consider what to do after cheat day.

Which One to Choose?

We think that by now you have a clear idea about which product to purchase. If you prefer heavier exercises with more weight and grip, then choose the 55 lb barbell. On the other hand, if you might want a barbell at a cheaper price with the opposite features.

In that case, choose the 45 lb barbell.


What is the size of a 45 lb barbell?

45 lb barbells are usually Olympic barbells. They are 7 feet in length. Although, the thickness or the diameter of the barbell can fluctuate. But the general diameter of a 45 lb barbell is 17.5’’ and the thickness is 1.3’’. As said before, this measurement can be different in various cases. 

Which Barbell size should I buy?

While there are various barbell sizes to choose from there is a lower limit. These barbells should be 28mm to 29mm in diameter at least. In the case of Olympic bars, this limit is 28mm to 28.5mm. Although squat bars have to be 29 mm. Anything higher than this limit depends on personal preference. 

Is it harder to bench with a thicker barbell?

Yes, a thicker barbell is harder to bench with. Because with the added radius, it will be harder to hold and grip. Thus it will require more strength and control to do the benches. Although this in turn will result in higher strength capacity. This thicker barbell allows you to add more tension. 


Now we want to hear from you.

Were we able to answer all your queries related to 55 lb Barbell vs 45?

Here is an extra reward for you. Sometimes it is hard to get what the weight of a barbell is just by seeing it. If so, measure it with a weighing machine first.

If there is anything else on your mind, Be sure to comment down below.

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