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Dentists Answer 7 Common Questions About Your Teeth


Do tooth whiteners work? Do you need to sanitize your toothbrush? Why brush twice a day? Dentists answer your teeth questions.

No-Fear Dentistry: Dentist-office trends - fun, relaxing, pain-free

Dental Top 5

You’re in a dentist’s office. Wait! Don’t panic.

Take a big whiff. What do you smell? Is that … lavender?


If thinking about the dentist conjures up images of painful drills, stinky clinical rooms, and incessant grinding and squealing noises, boy are you out of the loop! Pull up your massage chair and turn on your iPod. It’s time for a lesson in modern dentistry.
How to Stop Bad Breath: 3 Causes and Remedies

bad-breath-womanGot bad breath? Here's how to stop it, with remedies for causes including sinus infections, acid reflux and plaque.


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