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Can't Wake Up in the Morning?

detectiveYou get enough sleep but just can't wake up in the morning. What might be the reason?

10 Top Sleep Questions: Pills, Lifestyle, Health and More

moon-clouds-sleep-2Are there non-addictive sleeping pills? How can I get a better night's sleep? Is it healthier to go to bed early? Learn the answers to your sleep questions—from a sleep doctor.

Advanced Sleep Apnea Advice: A Doctor Discusses CPAP, Health Risks, More

sleepapnea-3A sleep doctor addresses common sleep apnea issues, like an uncomfortable CPAP mask, treatments that are not CPAP, lifestyle changes to help sleep apnea, causes when you're not overweight, and whether your health risks decrease when your sleep apnea is treated.

5 Sleep Apnea Questions: FAQs From a Sleep Doctor

Sleep Apnea - Crash CourseCurious about sleep apnea? We bet you've wondered about at least one of these questions. Get answers straight from a sleep doctor.

Sleeping-Pill Dangers: How to Take Them Safely

sleeping-pills-clockPrescription sleeping pills can be dangerous. Learn what puts people at risk and how to take them safely.

Why Are Some People Morning or Night People?


Most people function well during daylight. But there are those who perk up before or after the sun goes down. Find out why.

Sleep Apnea Pop Quiz: Myths and Facts

a-gradeHow much do you know about sleep apnea? Take our pop quiz and find out!

How to Stop Snoring: A Doctor's Top-7 Tips

sleepA doctor gives proven advice for how to stop snoring, including weight loss, avoiding sedatives at night and using gadgets and aids to help you not snore.

Top-10 Best Sleep Habits: Advice From a Doctor

sleeping-womanA family doctor gives 10 tips to sleep longer and better. A good night's sleep, he says, often starts with good sleep hygiene.

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