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Skin Care
How to Get Rid of Shingles (and Can You Spread It?)

shingles-informationShingles is the chickenpox virus rearing its ugly head after years of laying dormant. Learn how to get rid of it and whether you can spread it.

Best Lotions for Dry Skin (and More Skin-Health Tips)


What's the best lotion for dry skin? What's the best shampoo? How do you prevent hangnails? Get skin-health tips you can use from six experts.

Dermatologists' Top Choices for Your Skin: The Products They Recommend


Dermatologists reveal their choices for the best products for your skin. There are recommendations for all budgets, from drugstore to prescription.

How to Get Good Skin: A dermatologist's tips for problem areas

woman-smilingYour insider's guide on the best treatments for pores, circles, bumps, blotches and more--straight from a dermatologist. Includes many home treatments.

What Is Molluscum Contagiosum? Description and Treatment


It's highly contagious. It looks like a pimple with a dimple in the middle. And it's not harmful. Get the description of and treatment for molluscum contagiosum.

Anti-Aging Makeup: Does It Work? Dermatologists Answer the Claims

anti-aging-50s-woman-polka-dotsDermatologists consider the studies behind anti-aging makeup claims and tell you their opinions and recommendations.

Skin Cancer Causes, Warning Signs and Prevention: 7 Questions and Answers

sun-and-your-skin-thumb.jpgLearn skin cancer warning signs and symptoms. Plus, how the sun causes skin cancer, tips on preventing it, when to go to the doctor and pictures.


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