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December 2011 Newsletter: Top-10 Most Popular Articles of the Year
What's our 11th most-popular article? It's political, it's a debate, and it's about medical research. Click here.
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Our Top-10 Most Popular Articles of 2011

It's that time again! Time for best-of-the-year compilations courtesy everyone from the nightly news to your Aunt Sue. ("Georgie got a promotion this year. What have you done?")

Not to miss out on the festivities, we've compiled our top-10 most popular articles for 2011. From yucky bodily functions to alternative medicine to politics, these are the stories that have gotten you reading--and talking.

We enjoy reading your comments and look forward to interacting with you more in 2012. Thank you for your support this year. You're the reason we can do what we do.

Now, without further ado ... our top-10 articles of 2011!

10. "Does Chiropractic Adjustment Work?"
Some folks are pleasantly surprised by this doctor's answer.

9. "Are Heart Palpitations Dangerous?"
What's going on when your heart goes "thump thump ... thump"?

8. "Severe Constipation and a Slow-Transit Colon: In Plain English"
Because "slow-transit colon" is not (English, that is).

7. "Does Melatonin Work for Insomnia?"
A doctor explores whether this natural sleep aid is worth the money.

6. "Earwax Removal: How to Clean Out Your Ears at Home"
No cotton swabs allowed!

5. "When Does Life Begin? Medical Experts Debate"
A controversial topic from a biological point of view, with room to share what you think.

4. "Contact Lens Safety: How Wearing Contacts Too Long Can Cause Invisible Damage"
Many of us are guilty. Maybe lucky too.

3. "Obama's Health-Care Plan: Doctors Debate the Pros and Cons"
What do you think about it? Share your opinions at the end.

2. "What Does Green Snot Mean? 13 Cold and Flu FAQs"
Haven't you ever wondered?

1. "Doctors Debate Universal Health Care"
Don't miss the comments section for a passionate exchange of ideas.

Have a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.


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