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November 2011 Newsletter: Organ-Donation Myths, Busted
True or false: Doctors might not try as hard to save you if you're an organ donor.
(Get the answer here.)
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What You Need to Know About Organ Donation

When myths stop people from saving lives, they've gone too far, doggone it. So we're busting some organ-donation myths wide open, proving that there's no reason to fear being a lifesaver. Have you heard any of these?

  • If doctors know I'm an organ donor, they won't try as hard to save me.
  • They might take my organs before I'm for-sure dead.
  • As long as I've agreed to donate my organs, my family doesn't have to consent too.
  • I won't be able to have an open-casket funeral if I'm an organ donor.

False, false, usually false and false. In the article, you'll also learn how to sign up to be an organ donor quickly and easily--online.


Medical Science Wants YOU! (Well, Your Body)

Speaking of donations ... how about giving away your whole body? One reader says she's going to because she believes in recycling. Have you ever thought about it? Here are answers to six questions about the process, plus that reader's story.


MGUS Disorder: You Asked, Doctors Answered

Readers posted so many questions in the comments section of one of our articles that we did a follow-up piece just to answer them. The topic is a blood disorder called MGUS. It doesn't cause symptoms, but many readers say they're having them anyway. What gives? Two doctors from leading hospitals weigh in.



Our Pumpkin-Pie Origins

We've found a gaggle of healthy pumpkin recipes--19 of them--to keep you rolling in beta-carotene and holiday fun all month long. Just for fun, the article includes a link to a heart-stopping colonial recipe that the Library of Congress deems the basis for our modern pumpkin pie. It calls for three pints of cream and nine eggs. Phew!


















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