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October 2011 Health Newsletter, Halloween: What to Do for Shingles. Eek!
Take our fun Halloween bones quiz!
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Chickenpox Part 2: It's Baaaaack.

Remember chickenpox? Well guess what. You may not be done with it. It can hide out in your body and decades later emerge as the dreaded shingles virus.

This Halloween month, learn what to do when this spooky creeper attacks. First thing: Get treated within 48 to 72 hours. This can help shorten the rash's duration and prevent a painful complication down the road.



Show Me Your Fangs: Dentists Answer Your Teeth Questions

Speaking of scary stuff ... dentists. (Just kidding ... kind of.) We've got answers straight from two of them about stuff like using tooth whiteners and sanitizing toothbrushes.

How to Stop Bad Breath


Pain: Your Personal Torture

Got a pain in the neck, back or joints? In "What Causes a Crick in the Neck?" doctors answer six of your aching questions. (Included: mattress tips for bad backs.)


Halloween Quiz About Your Bones

Neighborhoods are filling up with ghosts, witches and skeletons. Have a ghoulishly good time celebrating October with our bony trivia.

Halloween Bonuses!

19 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes
Hallowen Candy Nutrition and Tips



















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