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September 2011 Health Newsletter: 3 Steps to Preventing Hospital Errors
Good news! Anesthesia is tons safer than it use to be.

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How to Prevent Medical Errors in the Hospital

You've heard the horror stories. Surgery being performed on the wrong body part, the wrong type of surgery being done altogether. Yikes.

Here's a hospitalist's quick, simple guide to preventing medical errors, so you can get in, get out and get well. She also answers two more common questions: Why do you need an IV, and how safe is the anesthesia?

Don't Have Medical Insurance? 7 Tips to Find Help



Mosquitoes and West Nile Virus

It's mosquito season! While you enjoy some fun in the sun, shoo away mosquitoes with these tips, and learn the symptoms of West Nile virus.

Summer Safety: Tips for Heat, Water and Playground Safety


Shield Those Peepers!

Protecting your skin from UV rays is important, but did you know your eyes need shielding too? Get a quick lesson on why, and what to do, from an ophthalmologist.


11 Tips for a Bite-Free Hike

Love to play outdoors but hate the bees, snakes and ticks? Shiver. Learn what to do to keep Mother Nature's bountiful pests away.


















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