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August 2011 Health Newsletter: Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?
Can you be allergic to another person? Yes!
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Does Sugar Cause Diabetes? 8 Curious Q&As

Eating too much sugar won't give you diabetes ... unless, of course, it leads to an expanding tummy. "Weight gain may cause type 2 diabetes, regardless of what you are eating," says endocrinologist Robert Meloni.

OK, now that's solved. What about this: Can you be allergic to another person? Yes! Should people with asthma avoid milk? Not necessarily. Can you grow out of an allergy? It depends. Get answers to these questions and more in "8 Curious Questions About Chronic Disease."

10 Medical Myths, Facts and Rumors




Is Coffee Good or Bad for You?

Coffee, tea, sports drinks and milk substitutes. Here's the health scoop on eight drinks. This is what you should be drinking—and shouldn't.

Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup Bad for You?



13 Simple Ways to Burn More Calories

Turn your neighborhood into a gym, do pushups while boiling water, jump rope between sets of crunches. Burn more calories every day!



Tips to Calm a Baby With Colic

A pediatrician shares her tips for dealing with frustrating colic.



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