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June 2011 Health Newsletter: 25 Fun, Healthy Summer Recipes
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Top-25 Healthy Summer Recipes

We've searched out mouth-watering, creative summer recipes that will leave your family raving. (And most are easy to boot.)

Stick watermelon on the grill, whip up some strawberry soup and dip into some canteloupe salsa. Plus: We found a whole picnic's worth of savory delights, including oven-fried buttermilk chicken and pineapple slaw.

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Healthy Recipe Substitutions


Why Do My Shins Hurt?

Got a bad case of the shin splints? Or is it a stress fracture?

If this warm weather is pumping you up for some outdoor fun, don't let it turn into pain. Here are three causes of lower-leg trouble and what to do about them (including how to prevent them in the first place).

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Is It Safe to Be a Weekend Warrior?

Healthy Teen Vegetarians

Is your teenager (or a friend's) interested in vegetarianism? Get a quick overview on what to consider nutrition-wise.

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Violence in the Media

Does media violence really affect how kids act? Learn what both sides think and why. Then weigh in with your own view.

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