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April 2011 Health Newsletter: How to Treat Unsuspected Bad-Breath Causes
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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Is bad breath plaguing your social life? Does brushing just not cut it? The culprit could be your sinuses or stomach! Hard to brush there. Here are steps to fanning bad breath away for good.

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5 Steps to Preventing Gas

Speaking of smelly stuff ... got gas? For excessive wind, get five ways to stop it before it starts--including avoiding antacids.

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Is Your Biological Clock Out of Sync?

If you're an extreme night owl or early bird, your biological clock may be different than most people's. Learn what's normal and what's considered out of sync.

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10 top sleep questions

Chest Pain That's Not a Heart Attack

When your doctor says your chest pain isn't a heart attack, what could it be? Turns out, a lot of things.

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Are heart palpitations dangerous?


















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