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March 2011 Health Newsletter: How to Save Dried-Out Contacts
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How to Save Dried-Out Contact Lenses

Hard, dried-out contacts are a sad sight. You can rehydrate them, but is it safe to wear them again? Good news. Ophthalmologist M. Bowes Hamill says they should be fine. Here's what to do:

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Can you extend the life of your contact lenses?


How to Get a Quick Doctors Appointment

When you have worrisome symptoms that could indicate a life-threatening illness, you don't want to wait a month to see a specialist! And you shouldn't have to. Learn an insider's tips on how to get an appointment sooner--tips like, ask for a nurse, who may override the front desk.

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How to find a good specialist

Dimply, Pimply Bumps

With molluscum contagiosum, one little pimply bump can turn into more ... on you or other people. It's very contagious, especially among children. Learn warning symptoms and what to do.

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10 Sleep Q&A's

Sleeping-pill addiction, a good night's sleep and sleep apnea. Get answers about these top topics and more, from a sleep specialist.

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