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December: How Long Can Food Stay Out Safely?
My  Family Doctor


6 Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning

During holiday get-togethers, it's tempting to leave food out all day.  Learn how long is safe, and get five other quick tips to make sure your holiday season is magical, not miserable.

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What kind of cookie dough may not have salmonella!


Answers to 7 Curious Winter-Health Questions

Eating several holly berries can cause "dehydration and extreme drowsiness in animals and children," says pediatrician Jennifer Shu. Good to know!

Learn more, and get tips about the "merry Christmas coronary," whether snow shoveling can really give you a heart attack, and what the best cough medicines are.

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8 Questions About Your Eyes

Why do my dry eyes water all the time? Why does staring at a computer hurt my eyes? Is looking at the sun really that bad? Experts answer these questions and more.

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Emergency Car Kit: Pack a Can for Winter

Keep a can and matches in your car so you can melt snow for water, says emergency-medicine doctor John Torres. Check out his full list, and see how your provisions stack up.

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