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October: 28 Top Health Websites: Fun, Interesting, Reliable
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28 of the Best Health Websites

Over the years, we've featured a ton of great health sites. Here are some of our favorites for fun and education. You'll find games, museum displays, expert evaluations and lots more interesting stuff.

For Fun
Alternative Medicine
Healthy Weight Loss
For Kids and Parents
For Teens

And don't forget to add your favorites in the comments sections!


Can You Catch the Same Cold twice?

... What are clear liquids? What does green mucus mean?

Get answers to 12 of your most interesting cold and flu questions so you can fight with skill, in case the sniffles dare face you this year.

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How to Boost Your Immunity Naturally
How You Catch a Cold: A Short Story by Rhino Virus 007

35+ Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Keep 'em in baggies in the fridge for chips-like snacks. Blend up an easy, healthy sorbet. Stuff 'em in your drawer at work. Challenge co-workers to a contest. Here are over 35 easy ideas to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet—from a registered dietitian.

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Vegetables Spoiling too Quickly? Tips to Help

Caffeine and Pain Relievers

Ever wondered why some pain medicines contain caffeine? It has to do with relieving pressure and increasing absorption, says pharmacist Daniel P. Hays. Read on to find out more—and which pain pills are decaf.

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Tablets, Capsules, Liqui-Gels: How to Choose


















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