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July Health Newsletter: Quirks Versus Mental Illness
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Are You Normal? When to Call the Psychiatrist

Ever wondered whether you need to see a psychiatrist? What about that friend who seems a bit OCDish, or the new mom who's down in the dumps? In "Are You Normal?" read four stories and give your diagnosis. Then, get a psychiatrist's take. It's fun, and you may be surprised at what he says.

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How to Stop Eating Before You're Stuffed

A meal should be no bigger than what you can hold in two cupped hands, says gastroenterologist Patricia Raymond. Compare that to restaurant portions! In "How to Tell When You're Full (And Stop Eating)," Dr. Raymond gives science-based tips to help you stop chowing down. Now that restaurant order can make two or three meals! Here's to shrinking tummies and swelling bank accounts.

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"Why Many Competitive Eaters Are Skinny"
"Why Do I Get Full Sooner Than Other People?"

Morning Heart Attacks: Why They're More Common

Here's a weird heart fact: Heart attacks are about 40 percent more likely in the morning. Learn why and what to do about it.

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Exercise: The Best Time to Eat

Learn whether it's better to eat before or after working out. Plus: What should you eat, anyway?

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