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June: 8 Reasons for Weight Gain That Aren't Your Fault
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How Lack of Sleep May Make You Gain Weight

Exercising and eating right sometimes really aren't enough. Learn which syndromes, medications and mental issues are related to weight gain—and how getting more sleep may help you lose pounds.

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"How to Solve a Weight-Loss Plateau"

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Hot Pepper for Your Headache?

The chemical that makes peppers hot can help cool your arthritis pain. It may also help with cluster headaches, backaches, psoriasis and even a runny nose. And you can buy it over the counter!

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Is It Dangerous When Your Heart Skips a Beat?

Heart palpitations are usually harmless but can signal a problem. Learn warning signs—and what causes that sensation in the first place.

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"Weird Things the Body Does: Why We Hiccup, Yawn, Itch and More"

8 Reasons for a Chronic Cough

If you can't stop coughing, check out these eight causes, from allergies to heartburn to cancer. (Also, find out the surprising reason for Dr. Hubbard's three-year-long cough.)

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