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May: Honey, the Sweetest Medicine
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How Honey Helps You Heal

Honey in a wound keeps bacteria at bay, a spoonful can stop a cough, and the stuff never goes bad! Learn the details about this buzz-worthy natural medicine, and how you can use it.

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The Most Common Heartburn—and Why It's So Hard to Treat

The type of frequent heartburn most people have is one you've probably never heard of: NERD. What it stands for is less important than what it is: a nuisance that even strong acid suppresants sometimes can't kick. Here's how it works and how to find out if you have it.

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Milk and Crackers for Heartburn? A Gastroenterologist Weighs In

19 Tips to Beat Allergies

Get practical tips from allergists that you can use every day. Like, wear sunglasses to keep pollen out of your eyes! Easy, right?

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Do Flowers Cause Allergies? 4 Allergy Tips and Surprises

Allergy Treatment: What Medicines to Take and How

Doctors Debate Medical Marijuana

We got the facts, from both sides. Is marijuana really that bad—or that good? Check out the debate, then join the discussion in the comments section.

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