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February: Controversies! Cloned meat, chiropractors, soy, peroxide
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Experts debate: Is meat from cloned animals safe?

Selling meat from cloned animals is legal. But our government has asked companies not to because, well, people are scared. Do you think there's good reason to be? We asked experts to debate the science behind the topic. You can share your views in the comments section at the end.

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High-fructose corn syrup: Is it really worse than sugar?
Does grilling cause cancer?



No more hydrogen peroxide!

For years, people have used bubbly hydrogen peroxide to clean out wounds. But our doctor says that can be harmful. Find out why—and what to use instead.

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Chiropractors: Why doctors have changed their minds ... somewhat

Physicians have traditionally derided chiropractors. But in recent years, evidence has been changing some minds. Here, one doctor reveals ailments chiropractic adjustment might help.

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Soy: A lesson in moderation

After the big soy boom—everyone downing edamame and tofu—came the big soy scare. Too much, we were told, might cause cancer, thyroid problems or male infertility. We asked a registered dietitian to give us the bottom line: Who should watch it, and who should lap it up?

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