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JHMFD Newsletter: Experience a sleep lab!

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My Family Doctor
My Family Doctor
My Family Doctor Don't tell anybody, but our publisher, Dr. Hubbard, snores. Loudly.

In this fun video, journey inside a real sleep lab with him. You might be surprised about what it's really like.

Sleep Apnea Crash Course: Doctors answer your questions
Dr Hubbard's personal sleep apnea blogs


Top-10 Medication Mistakes

We asked doctors, what are the most common medicine mistakes you see? Here are their 10 top picks.
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High-Fructose Corn Syrup: What do you think?

Is it worse for you than sugar? Read the doctor debate and then join the conversation in the comments section!
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chocolate cake

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy--Really!

Our registered dietitians reveal healthy substitutions for everything from butter for baking to pizza to brownies. Yum!
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