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October 2012 Newsletter: Saying Goodbye ... and Hello

survival-doctor-fb-camoOur final newsletter, a top-10 list just for you, and where to find us now.

Sept 2012 Newsletter: Big Changes: Your Next-to-Last Newsletter

Closing one door and opening another.

June 2012 Newsletter: Dangerous Spider Bite? How to Know

black-widow-spiderHow to know if that bite is from a dangerous spider. Plus: cancer questions, medicine questions and better heat-beating tips than using a fan.

July 2012 Newsletter: Why Water Causes Swimmer's Ear


How a water-logged ear leads to swimmer's ear, what Elvis has to do with fireworks, and more.

Aug 2012 Newsletter: Salt Sensitivity and High Blood Pressure

housecalls-nutritionSalt sensitivity, moustaches on women and saving lives with honey.

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