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6 Fascinating Differences Between Women and Men
men-vs-women-thumb.jpgMen and women are different. Bet you didn’t know that. OK, so some of the differences are kind of apparent—enough that the claim that half of us are from Mars and the other half from Venus seems somewhat plausible. But then there are the things you can’t detect—things only science or medicine could discover— the hows and whys and even some of the whats.
Donating Your Body to Science: FAQs
donating-body-science-heartEver thought about donating your body to science? Get key questions answered, plus a personal story: Why one woman is choosing donation.
What Are Embryonic Stem Cells? How Are They Harvested? 5 Questions

Learn the facts about embryonic stem-cell research, to help you form your own opinions. Included: What are stem cells? How are embryonic stem cells harvested?

Common Foot Problems: Symptoms and Treatment

healthy feetGet help recognizing common foot problems, with causes, symptoms and treatment.

Foot Problems and Shoes: 7 Buying Tips to Prevent Pain

painful shoes

Shoe-buying tips from a family doctor, to help prevent foot problems.

How Does Liposuction Work?

woman with old-fashioned vacuum cleaner

Liposuction works by removing unwanted fat from people who are at a healthy weight. It's a refining technique.

8 Fun Health Websites


Some of our favorite fun, interactive and fascinating health websites. Includes online museums, quizzes and more.

Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: Experts Debate Pros and Cons
stem-cell-research-debate-thumb.gifExperts debate embryonic stem-cell research. What are the pros and cons? Is it necessary? Is it ethical? Get the facts and learn the issues from the experts themselves.
Home Remedy for Plantar Fasciitis: Stretches for Your Feet

orange juice dripping

Learn home remedies for plantar fasciitis: stretch exercises using a juice can and a towel.

What Is Sarcoidosis? Information, Diagnosis, Treatment

mystery-disease-magnifying-glassSarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease with an unknown cause. Here a doctor explains more about what sarcoidosis is and provides diagnosis and treatment information.

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