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What Does "1 Cc" Mean? 7 Questions About Medicine


Satisfy your medicine curiosity with answers to seven questions we bet you've never gotten a satisfactory answer to. Like, just what are those TV doctors talking about when they call for 1 cc of something—stat?

Why and When to Taper Medicine: Sometimes, cold turkey is dangerous, as this doctor explains.

Woman holding clockQ: I've been on warfarin sodium. My doctor has now said I can stop taking the medication. I’ve heard from others that you should not stop taking this medication abruptly, but should go off it gradually. The doctor said nothing about that. Should I just stop?

The Secrets Doctors Don't Tell You About Prescription Medicine
The Secrets Doctors Don't Tell You About Prescription MedicineYou just filled that new prescription… and now you wonder if you should call the doctor again to ask for a sedative. Your high blood pressure (or sinus infection or arthritis) suddenly became a major budget item. What can you do to change that?
Top-10 Medication Mistakes: Doctors' tips for taking your medicine

MedicationHave you ever taken your medicine wrong? Do you think you even knew it? With all the information you get at a doctor’s appointment, forgetting a few details is understandable.

Study: Best Pain Medicine for Injuries

Narcotics ain’t got nothin’ on what’s in your medicine cabinet—at least where kids are concerned—say Canadian researchers in the March 2007 issue of Pediatrics.

Why Is Caffeine in My Pain Reliever? A Pharmacist Answers


Some pain relievers keep you awake because they contain caffeine. Find out why—and which pain medicines are caffeine-free.


Pain Pills: What's the difference? Tablets capsules, liqui-gels - how to choose

Pill variety

Tablets vs. capsules, liqui-gels, liquids, chewables. What's the difference between them? A pharmacist answers.

Is Generic Medicine as Good as Brand Name?

FDA generic drugsThe economy has made bargain shoppers out of all of us. And for many people, one of the most expensive things to do is go to the doctor. Generic medications’ cheaper price tags help. But there are some questions that need answering before we accept them as ideal budget savers. Are they as good as name brands? Are they safe? Effective? A good option in every case?

Disease Mongering Debate: Creating Diseases to Sell Drugs?

Do drug companies create diseases to sell drugs? Or are they just creating awareness? Two doctors debate the controversy.


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