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What to Do If Your Cast Gets Wet (and Other Good-to-Know Tips)

doctor-talking-advice-thmbIt's easy to forget the doctor's advice after the visit. What should you do for a wet cast? How long should you wait to eat or drink after vomiting? When can you take the bandage off of stitches? Here's how to treat common problems.

Mercy Medical Airlift: Free Medical Flights

hand giving healthMercy Medical Airlift offers free medical flights for patients or families of patients with a financial need. It also offers flights for funerals. You can donate frequent flier miles to them.

ChairScholars Foundation: Charity Profile

hand giving health

ChairScholars Foundation provides scholarships to low-income American children with serious physical disabilities.

Modest Needs: Charity for Personal Emergencies

hand giving health

Modest Needs provides emergency funds for short-term needs. Here's a profile of the charity.

Food Combining Diet: Does it really work?

pasta-thmbThe food combining diet says eating foods in a certain order can help you lose weight and be healthier. But this expert says not only does this not work, it doesn't even make any sense.

Stroke and Speech: What you can do when aphasia strikes and a loved one can't speak


Stroke and SpeechQ: My mother had a stroke and now she can’t speak or write, but she can respond to questions by nodding “yes” or “no.” What is causing this? Will she be able to speak again? What can I do to help her?
Why and When to Taper Medicine: Sometimes, cold turkey is dangerous, as this doctor explains.

Woman holding clockQ: I've been on warfarin sodium. My doctor has now said I can stop taking the medication. I’ve heard from others that you should not stop taking this medication abruptly, but should go off it gradually. The doctor said nothing about that. Should I just stop?

Doctors' Home Remedies: Ways to Use Stuff Around the House


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