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Healthy Gift Guide

Back issues make a great gift, alone or with a subscription. Try putting them in a personalized binder. (Issues starting with September/October 2007 have holes in them.) Here are some unique ideas for the people who have it all in your life.

For armchair medical students:
Start with at least one issue with an index (July/August 2009 or later) so the person can refer back as needed. Then, buy whatever looks interesting, starting from the top (latest issues). Also check out September/October 2007, which has a fascinating article on how antidepressants work and a creative one about how the cold virus invades the body—along with a picture quiz about rashes.

For bathroom readers (and casual readers, trivia buffs and people who like to know a little about a lot):
The following issues feature quick questions-and-answers, busted myths or interesting facts on a variety of topics.

  • November/December 2008
  • July/August 2008
  • November/December 2007
  • Summer 2007
  • Winter 2006
  • Spring 2006
  • Winter 2005

For history buffs:

  • January/February 2009 (featuring the biggest medical news of 2008 and "The State of AIDS Today")
  • November/December 2007 (with the most-hyped stories of the year)
  • September/October 2003 (our first issue, with an article by Senator Bill Frist)
  • Issues starting with fall 2004 are listed with historical notes. Just scroll down to see 'em and pick what looks good.

For healthy eaters or cooks (or people who want to be):

  • November/December 2008 (healthy holiday tips and recipes)
  • September/October 2008 (ways to save 50 calories and tidbits about spices)
  • May/June 2008 ("Your Weight-Loss Personality" and "What to Think Before You Drink"—about tea, wine and more)
  • Spring 2007 (65 creative ideas on how to eat more vegetables)
  • Summer 2006 (more than 50 healthy snack ideas)
  • Fall 2005 (eight pumpkin recipes and a money-saving grocery-store tour)
  • Summer 2005 (nutrition claims explained)
  • Winter 2004 (eight healthy holiday recipes)
  • Fall 2004 (the sexiest foods OK for the bedroom)
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