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Unusual Exercise: Sports Ideas for the Creative and Adventurous - One Month of Creative Workouts
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Unusual Exercise: Sports Ideas for the Creative and Adventurous
One Month of Creative Workouts
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One Month of Creative Workouts
Add some variety to your routine!

If you’re not ready to jump into a new sport, that’s just fine, say our experts. In fact, they prefer that people not used to exercising regularly start slow, thus hopefully avoiding injury, major muscle soreness and burnout.


So, to ease you into the routine, we’ve put together an entire month of fun low- to moderate-intensity workouts, with the help of certified personal trainers Murray Hicks and Ben Quist, D.P.T. You may even find some activities you want to keep up for the long run!

If you don’t want to start with five days a week, pick your three favorites instead. And don’t forget to warm up first!

WEEK ONE2008-6-findyourpassion-w1.jpg
Monday: Play catch with your kids or a friend. Throw the ball so the catcher has to chase it.

Tuesday: Put on your favorite fast record or music video television station, and freestyle dance in your living room!

Thursday: Try out a water aerobics class at a YMCA or gym.

Friday: Hit a tennis ball off a wall. Try to hit it at an angle so you have to chase it.

Saturday: Clean your basement or garage. (Maintain a good pace and good lifting posture.)

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WEEK TWO2008-6-findyourpassion-w2.jpg
Monday: Play racquetball. Forget about the rules, and just try to hit it before the second bounce.

Tuesday: Wash your car. Use your off hand, and scrub in the opposite direction you’re used to. Same thing with drying. If you’re really energetic, hand-wax.

Thursday: Try a beginning yoga class at a yoga studio.

Friday: Shoot basketballs at a park. Try to get each miss before the third bounce.

Saturday: Go shopping! Park as far away as you can, and then walk briskly around the mall for at least 30 minutes, scouting out the stores you want to visit.


WEEK THREE2008-6-findyourpassion-w3.jpg
Monday: Go for a swim at a YMCA or community pool. Reward yourself by relaxing in the hot tub or sauna.

Tuesday: Do jumping jacks, pushups and crunches while watching TV. Walk up and down the stairs during the commercials.

Thursday: Go skating (in-line, roller or ice).

Friday: Get a large group of friends together, and go on a night hike. Remember to bring flashlights, and never get off the trail! (You may also want to tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be back.)

Saturday: Pick a new destination to which you can walk from your home, like a local coffee shop, and go have fun!


WEEK FOUR2008-6-findyourpassion-w4.jpg
Monday: Jump rope to music.

Tuesday: Kick a soccer ball with a friend. Get far apart.

Thursday: Give that piece of dusty exercise equipment a spin.

Friday: Go to a park with a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, and play! Bring a flashlight to keep it glowing.

Saturday: Plant flowers or vegetables, pull weeds, mow the lawn … make your yard the envy of your neighbors—and show off your newfound energy and endurance.


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