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How to Save Dry Contacts: 3 Contact-Lens FAQs


If your contacts are dried out, you can wear them again. Learn what to do. Plus: Why can't you use artificial tears with contact lenses? And can contacts damage your eyes?

The Sun's Effect on Your Eyes—and Tips for How to Protect Them

hat-sunglassesThe sun can harm the eyes too. An ophthalmologist gives tips on how to protect your and your children's eyes from UV radiation—including what kind of sunglasses to buy.

What Causes Sleep in Your Eyes? 8 Eye-Health Questions


What causes sleep in your eyes? Why are dry eyes watery? Will looking at the sun really hurt your eyes? Interesting facts and eye-health information, straight from the experts.

Contact Lens Safety: How Wearing Contacts Too Long Can Cause Invisible Damage
sept07-eyesThe contact lens rules: Why can you not wear some overnight? Why must you stop wearing disposable ones after a certain amount of time, like two weeks? An ophthalmologist explains.

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