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Doctor's Office
What Blood Tests Should I Get?

doctor-patient-blood-pressureFour easy, cost-effective tests everyone should get—including three simple blood tests.

When Your Doctor Thinks It's All In Your Head: What to Do

doctor talking to patient

What do you do when you know something's wrong but your doctor thinks it's all in your head? A family doctor advises.

4 Tips to Get a Doctors Appointment Sooner

doctors-office-waitWhen you have a worrisome problem and your doctor has no openings, what do you do? Here are four tips to get an appointment at the doctor's office sooner.

How to Reform Medicare: Doctors Debate
Great Debate Medicare ReformTwo doctors debate how to reform Medicare—before it goes bankrupt around 2017. One gives a liberal view, the other a conservative one. And in the end, they find a few things to agree on.
A Doctor's Tips for Saving Money on Health Care

saving-money-on-health-care10 tips for saving money on your health care—from medications to doctor visits to tests and referrals.

Medical Mystery: A True-Life What-Done-It

medical-mystery-bookIt was the case every doctor dreads: an unfamiliar patient whose vague complaint has a thousand possible causes.

Don't Have Medical Insurance? 7 Tips for How to Find Help.


How to find help when you don't have medical insurance: advice, resources and tips.

Obama's Health-Care Plan: Pros and Cons Debate

We asked two doctors about the pros and cons of President Obama's health-care plan--so-called "Obamacare." Here's what they had to say. (Plus: Join the debate in our comments section!)

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