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Doctors Debate Medical Controversies


You've heard the talking points and political spin—the claims that give you fluff without a lot of evidence. Where are the real experts, the thoughtful arguments, the facts?

We set out to add substance to the medical-controversy debates—and give voice to the experts you don't hear from often. So we arranged written debates with doctors and other medical experts who deal with patients and therapies, policies and consequences every day.

We asked our debating experts to base their arguments on scientific evidence—to give you the reasons for their opinions so you can make up your own mind.

But this isn't just about what they think. They're starting the conversation. Your opinions are essential in our quest to make sure thoughtful voices are heard. So please join the debate by sharing what you think at the end of each debate.

Medicine and Politics

Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice


Other Medical Controversies

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