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Sleep and Dreams Quiz
quizby David Brinn
Sleep. How much did you get last night?

As much as a koala, who appreciates a decent 20 hours? Hopefully more than a giraffe, who probably got less than two.

For humans, who typically fall between those ranges, sleep is an essential part of how our bodies function. But just how much do you know about it? Test your trivia knowledge in our sleep and dreams quiz.
This is a dangerous sleep disorder in which you stop breathing periodically:
(Symptoms include snoring loudly and being sleepy during the day.)

The study of dreams is known as:

This is the state of sleep when people typically dream:

If you have bruxism, what are you doing in your sleep?

This disorder is marked by the extreme, quick desire to fall asleep:

Which famous figure wrote "The Interpretation of Dreams"?

According to a popular legend, outlaw John Wesley Hardin shot a man for:

If you're attempting to control the direction of a dream or nightmare, you're likely engaging in:
(Hint: In this type of dreaming, you're aware it's a dream.)

A sleep test that uses mechanical devices to record your slumbering habits is called:

In Washington Irving's classic tale "Rip Van Winkle," how long did the title character sleep?

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