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Mixed Nuts Quiz: How Nutty Are You?
quizby David Brinn
With fiber, protein and good fats, nuts are generally a great snack. They also have their share of calories, so handful is all you need. You already knew that? Ah … OK, then, let’s see what else you know.
Findings from the Nurses' Health Study suggest adding nuts to a woman's diet may reduce her risk of:

The extract from these chestnuts have been used as a treatment for hemorrhoids:

These nuts are toxic for dogs:

A U.S. hiker's healthy snack, trail mix, goes by this name in Australia and New Zealand:

Walnuts are a staple in this type of salad:

CornNuts, made of corn kernels, were originally called:

Pine nuts, most notably found in pesto sauce, are also known as:

These African caffeine-filled nuts were among the original ingredients in some sodas:

Some of the earliest references to almonds appear in this famous text:

Which two famous people spent time as peanut farmers?
(OK, yes, the peanut is technically a legume. If you caught that, you get a bonus point.)

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