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Holiday-Food Quiz: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah Delights
quizby David Brinn
‘Tis the season to get stuffed. (We’re talking about the turkey, of course.) Find out what you know about some common yummy delights in our holiday nutrition quiz.
Female turkeys are called hens. Male turkeys are:

Which is not a Cherokee word for turkey but instead one for pumpkin?

Which of the following is not true about cranberries?

This holiday staple shares its name with a popular dance move of the 1960s:

The Stargazy pie, served just before Christmas in Mousehole, Cornwall, has these animals' heads poking out of the top of the pie.
Hint: It's served in honor of Tom Bawcock, who, legend has it, braved a fierce winter storm to get enough of these animals to feed the small village.

According to the National Confectioners Association, for a couple of centuries after it was created, the candy cane:

Which of the following can be used to cure a ham?

To celebrate the miracle of the oil, many Hanukkah dishes are:

If you’re going to cook a goose this Christmas, you may want the tender meat of a young goose, also called a:

Want to get rid of some of your leftovers? Head to this real annual event, which takes place in January:

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