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Bones Halloween Quiz: Test Your Skeletal Knowledge
quizby David Brinn
Spooky skeletons make their yearly appearance on front porches everywhere for Halloween. But can you name dem bones?
Metacarpals are the bones of the hand, while these are the bones of the feet.

This mineral is the most essential for keeping our bones strong.

What is the tough tissue that connects bones?

The hyoid, a U-shaped bone in the throat that supports the tongue, is unusual in that it:

This word is the medical term for the collarbone.

What is the name for the process of bones forming in the body?

The top bone of your backbone is the:

What’s a crack that happens on one side of the bone only?

Red marrow, found in bones, makes blood cells. What is the major function of yellow marrow (also in bones)?

The largest bone in the body, the femur, is also known as the:

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