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Psychology Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Mental Health?
quizby David Brinn
From Pavlov to Rorschach, with a little pop culture thrown in: Can you answer these questions about psychology?
Basic human necessities like food and water are at the base of this psychological model.
Hint: It's often depicted as a pyramid and postulates that basics motivate people before higher necessities start to.

Ivan Pavlov experimented with which type of animal to learn about conditional reflexes, which therapists use today in antiphobia training and other areas?
Hint: Pavlov trained these animals to expect food when they heard a certain sound. When food didn't come, they still salivated.

If people and animals seem much smaller to you than they really are, you might be having a:
Hint: This is a rare phenomenon named after the small people in Gulliver's Travels. (It's also called Alice in Wonderland syndrome.)

If you have trichotillomania, you're obsessed with:

The following are drugs whose main purpose is to fight depression and anxiety, except:

2001's A Beautiful Mind starred Oscar winner Russell Crowe as a math genius who has:

The motivation to act on something based on a need is called:

If two people who are close to each other share the same delusional ideas, they experience this.
Hint: It's French for "madness of two."

If somebody has dementia that's sundowning, the person is experiencing:

A famous test Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach introduced in the 1920s involves:

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