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Fun in the Sun Quiz: Test Your Trivia Fitness With Outdoor Activities
quizby David Brinn
Warm summer weather means fun in the sun! See how much you know about these outdoor activities—and don't forget the sunscreen!
People first played this popular sport, which James Naismith invented in the late 1800s, with soccer balls:

"Jeu de paume" is the phrase originally used to describe the earlier, French version of:

This best-selling book by James Fixx helped spur on a generation of runners in the late 1970s:

In which activity might a participant perform an Eskimo roll?

Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis was a semifinalist for the U.S. Olympic team in:

If you hit a birdie with your racquet, you're likely enjoying this game:

Which of the following is not a swimming stroke?

Racquetball, power walking and running are all considered this type of exercise:

An inexperienced rock climber might be called a:

This 1979 Oscar winner about bicycling featured Dennis Quaid and Daniel Stern:

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