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Colds and Flu
Flu Shot With a Compromised Immune System: Good Idea for Most


The flu shot works with your immune system, so a compromised system weakens the vaccine's effectiveness. Still, for most people, a little protection is better than none.

Fascinating Facts About Germs: Viruses, Bacteria, Antibiotics


What's the difference between a virus and bacteria? Why don't antibiotics kill viruses? Is the five-second rule real or a myth? Fascinating facts about germs.

Swine Flu, H1N1: Frequently Asked Questions--With Expert Answers

family-flu-thumbFAQs about H1N1--the swine flu--with answers from experts. Ask your questions!

Why Does My Nose Run When I Have a Cold?
hand-tissue-coldA family doctor explains why your nose runs when you have a cold.
Causes of Night Fever: Why It's Higher Later

night-feverA fever sometimes gets higher at night. Learn why.

What Does Green Snot Mean? 13 Cold and Flu FAQs


What does green snot mean? Can you catch the same cold twice? What are clear liquids? Get expert answers to 13 questions about colds and the flu.


Immune-System Boosting Tips: Natural Ways to Strengthen Immunity

superimmunitylowLearn a family doctor's tips for immune-system boosting—proven ways to strengthen your immune system naturally.

How You Catch a Cold: A Short Story From the Virus's Point of View


How the cold works: a first-person account from the virus's point of view!


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